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Hiroshi Ida


FacultyDepartment of Medicine
PositionLecturer in Medical School
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Last Updated :2019/07/19

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Clinical internal medicine, Gastroenterology

Research Interests

  • RUNX3

Published Papers

  • Quantification of tumor DNA in serum and vascular invasion of human hepatocellular carcinoma., Nishida N, Arizumi T, Takita M, Nagai T, Kitai S, Yada N, Hagiwara S, Inoue T, Minami Y, Ueshima K, Sakurai T, Ida H, Kudo M, Oncology, 84 Suppl 1, 82 - 87, 2013 , Refereed
  • Clinical and histological features of different types of Budd-Chiari syndrome: a comparison of 4 cases., Nishida N, Iwamura S, Ida H, Hagiwara S, Kagioka Y, Minami Y, Maetani Y, Itoh K, Kudo M, Digestive diseases (Basel, Switzerland), 31(5-6), 408 - 414, 2013 , Refereed
  • Loss of RUNX3 expression by histone deacetylation is associated with biliary tract carcinogenesis., Shio S, Kodama Y, Ida H, Shiokawa M, Kitamura K, Hatano E, Uemoto S, Chiba T, Cancer science, 102(4), 776 - 783, Apr. 2011 , Refereed
  • Enhanced cytokine responses to Toll-like and NOD-like receptor ligands in primary biliary cirrhosis-CREST overlap syndrome., Fukuhara M, Watanabe T, Ueo T, Ida H, Kodama Y, Chiba T, Rheumatology (Oxford, England), 49(8), 1602 - 1604, Aug. 2010 , Refereed
  • Possible involvement of T helper type 2 responses to Toll-like receptor ligands in IgG4-related sclerosing disease., Akitake R, Watanabe T, Zaima C, Uza N, Ida H, Tada S, Nishida N, Chiba T, Gut, 59(4), 542 - 545, Apr. 2010 , Refereed
  • Spontaneous rupture of liver plasmacytoma mimicking hepatocellular carcinoma., Ueda K, Matsui H, Watanabe T, Seki J, Ichinohe T, Tsuji Y, Matsumura K, Sawai Y, Ida H, Ueda Y, Chiba T, Internal medicine (Tokyo, Japan), 49(7), 653 - 657, 2010 , Refereed
  • Quantitative analysis of tumor-derived methylated RUNX3 sequences in the serum of gastric cancer patients., Sakakura C, Hamada T, Miyagawa K, Nishio M, Miyashita A, Nagata H, Ida H, Yazumi S, Otsuji E, Chiba T, Ito K, Ito Y, Anticancer research, 29(7), 2619 - 2625, Jul. 2009 , Refereed
  • IgG4-related autoimmune pancreatitis involving the colonic mucosa., Ueno K, Watanabe T, Kawata Y, Gotoh T, Tsuji Y, Ida H, Tada S, Yazumi S, Chiba T, European journal of gastroenterology & hepatology, 20(11), 1118 - 1121, Nov. 2008 , Refereed
  • Translational research on HGF: A phase I/II study of recombinant human HGF for the treatment of fulminant hepatic failure., Ido A, Moriuchi A, Marusawa H, Ikeda K, Numata M, Yamaji N, Setoyama H, Ida H, Oketani M, Chiba T, Tsubouchi H, Hepatology research : the official journal of the Japan Society of Hepatology, 38 Suppl 1, S88 - 92, Nov. 2008 , Refereed
  • Biliary complications in donors for living donor liver transplantation., Shio S, Yazumi S, Ogawa K, Hasegawa K, Tsuji Y, Kida M, Yamauchi J, Ida H, Tada S, Uemoto S, Chiba T, The American journal of gastroenterology, 103(6), 1393 - 1398, Jun. 2008 , Refereed
  • Runx1 protects hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells from oncogenic insult., Motoda L, Osato M, Yamashita N, Jacob B, Chen LQ, Yanagida M, Ida H, Wee HJ, Sun AX, Taniuchi I, Littman D, Ito Y, Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio), 25(12), 2976 - 2986, Dec. 2007 , Refereed
  • Detection of promoter hypermethylation in serum samples of cancer patients by methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction for tumour suppressor genes including RUNX3., Tan SH, Ida H, Lau QC, Goh BC, Chieng WS, Loh M, Ito Y, Oncology reports, 18(5), 1225 - 1230, Nov. 2007 , Refereed
  • Restoration of RUNX3 enhances transforming growth factor-beta-dependent p21 expression in a biliary tract cancer cell line., Hasegawa K, Yazumi S, Wada M, Sakurai T, Kida M, Yamauchi J, Hisatsune H, Tada S, Ida H, Nakase Y, Sakakura C, Hagiwara A, Chiba T, Cancer science, 98(6), 838 - 843, Jun. 2007 , Refereed
  • Contribution of reactivated RUNX3 to inhibition of gastric cancer cell growth following suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (vorinostat) treatment., Huang C, Ida H, Ito K, Zhang H, Ito Y, Biochemical pharmacology, 73(7), 990 - 1000, Apr. 2007 , Refereed
  • Analyses of promoter hypermethylation for RUNX3 and other tumor suppressor genes in nasopharyngeal carcinoma., Tan SH, Ida H, Goh BC, Hsieh W, Loh M, Ito Y, Anticancer research, 26(6B), 4287 - 4292, Nov. 2006 , Refereed
  • Down-regulation of RUNX1, RUNX3 and CBFbeta in hepatocellular carcinomas in an early stage of hepatocarcinogenesis., Miyagawa K, Sakakura C, Nakashima S, Yoshikawa T, Kin S, Nakase Y, Ito K, Yamagishi H, Ida H, Yazumi S, Chiba T, Ito Y, Hagiwara A, Anticancer research, 26(5B), 3633 - 3643, Sep. 2006 , Refereed
  • The RUNX3 tumor suppressor upregulates Bim in gastric epithelial cells undergoing transforming growth factor beta-induced apoptosis., Yano T, Ito K, Fukamachi H, Chi XZ, Wee HJ, Inoue K, Ida H, Bouillet P, Strasser A, Bae SC, Ito Y, Molecular and cellular biology, 26(12), 4474 - 4488, Jun. 2006 , Refereed
  • RUNX3 cooperates with FoxO3a to induce apoptosis in gastric cancer cells., Yamamura Y, Lee WL, Inoue K, Ida H, Ito Y, The Journal of biological chemistry, 281(8), 5267 - 5276, Feb. 2006 , Refereed
  • RUNX3, a novel tumor suppressor, is frequently inactivated in gastric cancer by protein mislocalization., Ito K, Liu Q, Salto-Tellez M, Yano T, Tada K, Ida H, Huang C, Shah N, Inoue M, Rajnakova A, Hiong KC, Peh BK, Han HC, Ito T, Teh M, Yeoh KG, Ito Y, Cancer research, 65(17), 7743 - 7750, Sep. 2005 , Refereed
  • Frequent loss of RUNX3 gene expression in human bile duct and pancreatic cancer cell lines., Wada M, Yazumi S, Takaishi S, Hasegawa K, Sawada M, Tanaka H, Ida H, Sakakura C, Ito K, Ito Y, Chiba T, Oncogene, 23(13), 2401 - 2407, Mar. 2004 , Refereed


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  • The Evaluation of 3D Imaging with Contrast Harmonic Gray Scale, MIGIHASHI R., MORIYASU F., SUGINOSHITA Y., TODA Y., IKEDA H., IDA H., NEBESHIMA M., CHIBA T., Journal of medical ultrasonics = 超音波医学, 27, 4,   2000 04 15 ,