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Yoshihiro Takasugi


FacultyDepartment of Medicine
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Last Updated :2019/07/19

Education and Career


  •  - 1978 , The Nippon Dental University, Faculty of Dentistry

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   1978 ,  - 1984 , Assistant, Nippon Dental University,
  • School of Dentistry
  •   1984 ,  - 2001 , Assistant Professor,
  • Nippon Dental University, School of Dentistry

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Clinical surgery, Anesthesiology/Resuscitation studies

Research Interests

  • pain, blood coagulation

Published Papers

  • Thermophysical properties of thermosoftening nasotracheal tubes, Takasugi Y, Futagawa K, Umeda T, Kazuhara K, Morishita S, Anesthesia Progress, 65(2), 100 - 105, Jul. 2018 , Refereed
  • Asymptomatic hemilateral pneumothorax and pneumomediastinum following surgical tracheostomy in a patient with hyponatremia and zolpidem withdrawal delirium, Yoshihiro Takasugi, Risa Aoki, Shota Tsukimoto, JA Clinical Reports, 4(29), Apr. 2018 , Refereed
  • Role of tube size and intranasal compression of the nasotracheal tube in respiratory pressure loss during nasotracheal intubation: a laboratory study, Futagawa K, Takasugi Y, Kobayashi T, Morishita S, Okuda T, BMC Anesthesiology, 17(141), 2017 , Refereed
  • Roles of endotracheal tubes and slip joints in respiratory pressure loss: A laboratory study, Takasugi Y, Futagawa K, Kazuhara K, Morishita S, Okuda T, J Anesth, 30(5), 795, 2016 , Refereed
  • Possible association between successful intubation via the right nostril and anatomical variations of the nasopharynx during nasotracheal intubation: a multiplanar imaging study, Takasugi Y, Futagawa K, Konishi T, Morimoto D, Okuda T, J Anesth, 30(6), 993, 2016 , Refereed
  • Efficacy of intravenous sedation and oral nifedipine in dental implant patients with preoperative hypertension - a retrospective study of 516 cases, Kimura M, Takasugi Y, Hanano S, Terabe K, Kimura Y, International Journal of Implant Dentistry, 1(6), 2015 , Refereed
  • Periodontal pathogens participate in synovitis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in clinical remission: Retrospective case-control study, Kimura Y, Yoshida S, Takeuchi T, Kimura M, Yoshikawa A, Hiramatsu Y, Ishida T, Makino S, Takasugi Y, Hanafusa T, Rheumatology, 54(12), 2257 - 2263, 2015 , Refereed
  • Fatal pulmonary embolism following spinal surgery in a patient with permanent inferior vena cava filter placement, Takai N, Takasugi Y, Kajikawa R, Takase T, Yamamoto Y, Nakao S, J Anesth, 28(4), 606 - 609, 2014 , Refereed
  • Massive recurrent melena in a patient with combined partial deficiencies of Factor XIII and a2-plasmin inhibitor, Kajakawa R, Takasugi Y, Masuda S, Uchida T, Matsuo O, Nakao S, Medicine and Biology, 157(2), 251 - 256, 2013 , Refereed
  • Antinociceptive action of carbamazepine on thermal hypersensitive pain at spinal level in a rat model of adjuvant-induced chronic inflammation, Iwamoto T, Takasugi Y, Higashino H, Ito H, Koga Y, Nakao S, J Anesth, 25(1), 78 - 86, 2011 , Refereed
  • Gabapentin produces antinociceptive effects on the spinal cord with simultaneous activation of descending facilitation in spinal nerve-ligated rats, Yabuta K, Takasugi Y, Tabuchi M, Mizuguchi N, Koga Y, Higashino H, Nakao S, Acta Medica Kinki University, 36(1), 7 - 14, 2011 , Refereed
  • Tracheal intubation in a patient with undetectable tracheal narrowing on chest radiography, Hakumoto Y, Takasugi Y, Kamamoto H, Shigemori S, Koga Y, Mori K, J Anesth, 24(1), 128 - 131, 2010 , Refereed
  • Suppression of the descending inhibitory pathway by continuous thoracic intrathecal lidocaine infusion reduces the thermal threshold of the tail-flick response in rats, Takasugi Y, Iwamoto T, Fuyuta M, Koga Y, Tabuchi M, Higashino H, J Anesth, 23(3), 399 - 402, 2009 , Refereed
  • Difficult laryngoscopy caused by massive mandibular tori, Takasugi Y, Shiba M, Okamoto S, Hatta K, Koga Y, J Anesth, 23(2), 278 - 280, 2009 , Refereed
  • Three-dimensional CT image analysis of a tracheal bronchus in a patient undergoing cardiac surgery with one-lung ventilation, Iwamoto T, Takasugi Y, Hiramatsu K, Koga Y, Konishi T, Kozuka K, Murakami T, J Anesth, 23(2), 260 - 265, 2009 , Refereed
  • Transient lower limb pain following accidental thoracic subarachnoid insertion of an epidural catheter, Fuyuta M, Takasugi Y, Morimoto M, Shirai T, Morimoto M, Koga Y, J Anesth, 23(4), 601 - 604, 2009 , Refereed
  • The effect of Sub-MAC anesthesia and the radiation setting on repeated tail flick testing in rats, Takasugi Y, Fuyuta M, Sugiura J, Yabuta K, Iwamoto T, Koga Y, Exp Anim, 57(1), 65 - 72, 2008 , Refereed
  • Hypersensitivity caused by suppression of descending inhibitory pathways following lumbar intrathecal injection of lidocaine in rats injection of lidocaine in rats", Fuyuta M, Takasugi Y, Tabuchi M, Higashino H, Koga Y, Acta Medica Kinki University, 33(1・2), 47 - 54, 2008 , Refereed
  • Transcutaneous cisternal puncture for sampling of cerebrospinal fluid in awake rat, Takasugi Y, Shirai T, Futagawa K, Koga Y, Egawa K, Watanabe S, Umeda T, Exp Anim, 54(2), 193 - 196, 2005 , Refereed
  • Mesenteric venous thrombosis in a patient with congenital afibrinogenemia and diffuse peritonitis, Takasugi Y, Shiokawa Y, Kajikawa R, Oh J, Yamamoto Y, Sakata I, Koga Y, Ann Hematol, 84(2), 129 - 130, 2005 , Refereed
  • Strain differences to effects of aging on concentrations of amino acids in cerebrospinal fluid between Sprague Dawley rat and Wistar Kyoto rat, Takasugi Y, Kawata K, Okuda T, Koga Y, Mizuguchi N, Yamanaka S, Watanabe N, Exp Anim, 52(5), 429 - 432, 2003 , Refereed
  • Inferior alveolar nerve block by injection into the pterygomandibular space anterior to the mandibular foramen : radiographic study of local anesthetic spread in the pterygomandibular space, Okamoto Y, Takasugi Y, Moriya K, Furuya H, Anesthesia Progress, 47(4), 130 - 133, 2000 , Refereed
  • Clinical evaluation of inferior alveolar nerve block by injection into the pterygomandibular space anterior to the mandibular foramen, Takasugi Y, Furuya H, Moriya K, Okamoto Y, Anesthesia Progress, 47(4), 125 - 129, 2000 , Refereed
  • Blood coagulation activity during microsurgery, Komuro Y, Sekiguchi J, Nomura S, Ohmori K, Takasugi Y, Arai C, Annals of Plastic Surgery, 40(1), 53 - 58, 1998 , Refereed
  • Inspired nitrous oxide concentration and sensory changes in nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation, Maki M, Takasugi Y, Yoshie M, Furuya H, Dentistry in Japan, 33, 122 - 127, 1997
  • Inferior alveolar nerve block by the anterior technique anesthetizes the buccal nerve and improves anesthesia success rate for third molar extraction: a randomized controlled trial and magnetic resonance imaging evaluation, Tsukimoto S, Takasugi Y, Aoki R, Kimura M, Konishi T, J Oral Maxillofac Surg, 2019 , Refereed

Books etc

  • Pharmacological effects and side-effects of analgesics - Opioids -, Contributor,   2003 11
  • Side Reader of Dental Anesthesia, Single Work,   2005 09
  • Synopsis of systemic diseases for clinical dentistry, Single Work,   2013 01
  • Minimum requirement for dentistry-Pain and general management for dental practice-,   2000

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Strain difference to the effects of aging on concentration of amino acids in cerebrospanal fluid between Sprague Dawley rat and Wistar Kyoto rat,   2002 12
  • Strain Difference to Effects of Aging on Cocentrations of Amino Acids in Cerebrospinal fluid Between Sprague Dawley Rat and Wistar Kyoto Rat,   2003 05
  • Evaluation of perioperative management foe NUSS operation in 7 infant cases,   2003 06
  • How much had better thromboprophyraxis?,   2006 06


  • Hemorragic Complications and Relevant Nasophalyngeal Structures during Nasotracheal Intubation, Yoshihiro Takasugi, 41, 8, 1109, 1116,   2017 08 , 招待有り

Research Grants & Projects

  • Study on hemostatic activities during surgery and perioperative period
  • Antinociceptive action of analgesics on thermal hypersensitive pain at spinal level in chronic pain models