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Takao Iijima


FacultyDepartment of Management and Business / Graduate School of Industory
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Last Updated :2019/07/19

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Economics, Money/Finance
  • Economics, Economic policy

Research Interests

  • Financial System, Corporate Governance, Government-Business Relationships

Published Papers

  • Current situation and policy evaluation on the transformation of the industrial structure in Japan, Takao Iijima, Reports of Faculty of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering, Kinki University, (21), 8 - 13, Dec. 2014
    Summary:Long-term stagnation of the Japanese economy was not due to a lack of mere demand, but a lack of changes in supply corresponding to changes in demand. Transforming an industrial structure from "mature industry" where demand is saturated to "growing industry" where potential demand is expected needs forces that "mature industry" pushes out the resources of production and "growing industry" pulls them. It is an important issue for the future of Japanese economy to transform the supply (industry) structure in order to improve the adaptation of a potential demand structure.
  • Macroeconomic Impacts of Foreign Exchange Reserve Acclumulation in Korea, Takao Iijima, (3), 59 - 70, Mar. 2013 , Refereed
  • The Changes of the Financial Structure of Korea: Flow of Funds Analysis, Takao Iijima, (2), 1 - 18, Mar. 2011 , Refereed
  • The Efficiency of Korean Chaebols as Internal Capital Markets, Takao Iijima, Mita Journal of Economics, 95(3), 75 - 102, 2002 , Refereed
  • The Corporate Governance Structure of Korean Chaebols, Takao Iijima and Kazuhito Ikeo, Mita Business Review, 43(6), 43 - 66, 2001

Books etc

  • Financial Reform in Asia: In Pursuit of Robust Financial System, Kozo Kunimune (ed.), Contributor, Chapter 2 The Role of Government in Korean Financial System,   2001 12 , 4258045195

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Kyushu’s Strategy for Asia in a Period of Population Decline - Regional Revitalization by Industrializing Tourism -, Takao IIJIMA, Nobuyoshi NISHIZAWA, The 19th National Convention of Japan Academy for Asian Market Economies,   2015 06 27 , Japan Academy for Asian Market Economies
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment from Japan to East Asian Countries: A Comparative Analysis, Naoyuki Yoshino and Takao Iijima, East Asian Economic Association,   2006 11 , East Asian Economic Association
    Summary:The purpose of this paper is to analyze changes in capital flows from Japan to Asian countries from mid 1990s to most recent period, and to propose several steps to promote portfolio capital flows in Asia. To enhance portfolio capital flows in Asia, there should be a continuous information exchange between Asian countries and institutions, a harmonization of the various legal frameworks, development of the financial market and its products and finally, a drive towards consumer education, particularly with regard to asset management and personal loans. Creation of Regulators Network among East Asian Countries would enhance information exchange and promote common rules of various financial activities. Certain Asian countries have suffered from taking consumer loans from non-bank finance companies who charge a high interest rate and so consumer education is necessary in order to minimize the unsound financial decisions Asia takes.
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment from Japan to East Asian Countries: A Comparative Analysis, Takao Iijima and Naoyuki Yoshino,   2006 11
  • China and Japan: Rivals or Collaborators, Naoyuki Yoshino and Takao Iijima, Seoul conference on “China and Emerging Asia: Reorganizing the Global Economy?”,   2006 05 11 , 招待有り, KIEP and Seoul National University


  • Robert F. Emery, Korean Economic Reform: Before and since the 1997 Crisis, IIJIMA Takao, 43, 9, 74, 77,   2002 09