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SENZU Takashi


FacultyDepartment of Accounting
DegreeJuris Doctor
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Last Updated :2020/09/01

Education and Career

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   2018 04 ,  - 現在, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Kindai University
  •   2013 04 ,  - 2018 03 , Assistant Professor, Faculty of Socio-Environment, Fukuoka Institube of Technology
  •   2012 04 ,  - 2013 03 , Lawschool, Kurume University
  •   2012 04 ,  - 2013 03 , Part Time Assistant Professor, Fukuoka Institute of Technology
  •   2012 04 ,  - 2012 09 , Part Time Assitant Professor, Kyushu Kyoritsu University

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences, Civil law, Commercial Law/Company Law

Published Papers

  • Case Study : Invasion of Privacy Rights caused by Leakage of Personal Information and Civil Liability of Corporations : A Case of Supreme Court dated October 23, 2017, Takashi Senzu, 66(1), 259 - 284, Jul. 2019
  • 〈Articles〉Case Study: Propriety of Shareholders' Rights to Inspect Accounts in Case of Delinquency od Company's Duty to Keep Accounts: A Case od Tokyo District Court dated July 13, 2015, 千手 崇史, 商経学叢 = Shokei-gakuso: Journal of Business Studies, 商経学叢 = Shokei-gakuso: Journal of Business Studies, 65(3), 253 - 271, Mar. 23 2019
    Summary:[概要]会社は計算書類等の作成義務を負っており,株主はこれを閲覧するなどの権利を持つ。では,会社がこの義務に違反して計算書類等を作成していなかった場合はどうか。株主がこれを再度作成して交付せよと請求できるかどうかが問題となる。これにつき,本稿の取り上げる判決は,「再度作成して株主に交付する義務はない」旨判示したが,学説の大半はこれに批判的である。なぜならば,会社の義務違反を助長してしまうからである。本稿は,計算書類等の閲覧謄写請求権を与えた法律の趣旨から考え,本件判決の当否を検証する。[Abstract] Companies are obliged to keep accounts and shareholders have rights to inspect them. Then, can shareholder request to create accounts in case that the company has violated the duty and hasn't kept accounts ? As to this problem, the court described that the defendant company were not obliged to re-create or to deliver the accounts to the shareholders. But almost all the theories oppose to the court. Because the conclusion of court provokes companies violate the duty to keep accounts. In this paper, the author reviews this case taking into account the object of law.
  • Propriety of Cancellation on Deposit Contracts on Account of Retrospective Application of Gang Exclusion Covenants : A Case of Fukuoka District Court Dated October 4, 2016, 千手 崇史, 福岡工業大学研究論集 = Research bulletin of Fukuoka Institute of Technology, 福岡工業大学研究論集 = Research bulletin of Fukuoka Institute of Technology, 50(2), 33 - 42, Feb. 2018
  • Leakage of Personal Information from Companies and Compensation with Insurances for the Damages or Costs : With Focuses on Classifications of Damages and Legal Problems of Insurances, 千手 崇史, 保険学雑誌 = Journal of insurance science, 保険学雑誌 = Journal of insurance science, (638), 67 - 86, Sep. 2017
  • Case Study;Leakage of Personal Information as a Result of Defects on Information : A Case of Tokyo District Court dated January 23,2014, Senzu Takashi, 福岡工業大学研究論集, 福岡工業大学研究論集, 49(2), 69 - 86, Feb. 2017
    Summary:An interior wholesaler company(X:who ordered the system from Y) claimed system vendor company(Y). Thelegal basis is the default(Article 415,Civil Code). An enormous amount of personal data which X had been holding,leaked on account of illegal computer access by someone. Then, the system designed by Y didn't equip evenminimum security guard. In this case, the Tokyo District Court partly upheld the claim. In case of informationleakage incidents, companies suffer tremendous cost damage by voluntary apology to all customers. However,without apology, the social enterprise value falls. In this article, the author pointed out the "dilemma"problem.
  • Case Study:Outside Auditor's Liability and Contracts for Limitation of Liability : A Case of Osaka High Court:SEI CREST CO., LTD v. Outside Auditor, Senzu Takashi, 福岡工業大学研究論集, 福岡工業大学研究論集, 49(1), 9 - 25, Sep. 2016
    Summary:In this case, SEI CREST Co., Ltd suffered enormous damages by a representative director's repeated breaches ofthe duty of care. The company bankrupted and claimed outside auditor. The legal bases of claims are breaches ofrecommendation obligations (to recommend to construct internal control systems and to dismiss the CEO). TheOsaka High Court applied the contract for limitation of liability and partly admitted the responsibility of the auditor(Article 423 and 427 Companies Act). However, this study opposes the decision. According to the research, theobligations are imposed by contracts, however, contents of obligations are too vague to be forced.
  • Investigation into Companies by Inspectors and Their Duty of Confidentiality : A Comparison of UK Companies Act and Japanese Companies Act, 千手 崇史, 法政研究, 法政研究, 82(2), 877 - 908, Dec. 2015
  • Directors' liability to third party in case of violation of laws : A series of cases to defendant directors of famous moneylender, Senzu Takashi, 福岡工業大学研究論集 = Research bulletin of Fukuoka Institute of Technology, 福岡工業大学研究論集 = Research bulletin of Fukuoka Institute of Technology, 48(1), 11 - 24, Sep. 2015
    Summary:A famous moneylender had been lending money partly in a illegal interest rate. However at that time, provisions of "Payment regarded as interest" (interest"voluntarily" paid by the borrower is valid despite illegal rate)existed. After the moneylender had bankrupted, the borrowers sued the directors of the moneylender according to the Companies Act 429. Most judgements said that defendant directors had continued moneylending contracts to which provisions of "Payment regarded as interest" had not applied, in a illegal rate. However,the judgements denied the directors'liabilities, on the ground that "the directors are not burdened with duty of recalculation". This article reconsiders appropriateness of the judgements on the basis of famous judgements of the Supreme Court and the common theories of Company Law.
  • Case Study : Real subrogation based preferential rights over movables : Efficiency on damage insurance, 千手 崇史, 福岡工業大学研究論集 = Research bulletin of Fukuoka Institute of Technology, 福岡工業大学研究論集 = Research bulletin of Fukuoka Institute of Technology, 48(1), 1 - 9, Sep. 2015
  • The Legal Responsibilities of the Stock Exchange to Participants : Case of the Tokyo District Court : Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. v. Tokyo Stock Exchange, Senzu Takashi, 福岡工業大学研究論集 = Research bulletin of Fukuoka Institute of Technology, 福岡工業大学研究論集 = Research bulletin of Fukuoka Institute of Technology, 46(1), 1 - 10, Sep. 2013
    Summary:In this case, the plaintiff suffered enormous damages by gross mistakes of the plaintiff itself and system defects of the defendant. The legal basis of the claim was default(Article 415
  • Stockholders' right to Inspect the Stockholders Lists, 千手 崇史, 九大法学, 九大法学, 0(104), 180 - 122, Feb. 2012
  • A case on Company Law, 千手 崇史, 九大法学, 九大法学, (103), 1 - 29, Sep. 2011
  • Shareholders' right to inspect the minutes of the board of directors, Senzu Takashi, 九大法学, 九大法学, (102), 152 - 116, Feb. 2011