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Akihiro Mikami


FacultyGeneral Education Division
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Last Updated :2020/01/15

Education and Career


  •  - 1995 , Chiba University, Graduate School, Division of Education

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Linguistics, Foreign language education

Research Interests

  • English Language Pedagogy

Published Papers

  • Validation of scores from the Self-Evaluation Checklist for EFL teachers in Japan, MIKAMI Akihiro, JALT Journal, 40(2), 77 - 99, Nov. 2018 , Refereed
  • Evaluating the content validity of Self-Evaluation Checklist for EFL teachers in Japan, MIKAMI Akihiro, 21, 82 - 101, Nov. 2018 , Refereed
  • Students' attitudes toward extensive reading in the Japanese EFL context, MIKAMI Akihiro, TESOL Journal, 8(2), 471 - 488, Jun. 2017 , Refereed
  • Introduction and Improvement of an Extensive Reading Program Through an Action Research Approach, MIKAMI Akihiro / MIKAMI Yuka, ARELE, (26), 429 - 444, Mar. 2015 , Refereed
  • Changes Experienced by Teachers Through Action Research Projects in an In-service EFL Teacher Education Program, MIKAMI Akihiro, JACET JOURNAL, 大学英語教育学会紀要, 53(53), 57 - 74, Oct. 27 2011 , Refereed
    Summary:The present study examines changes that teachers experienced through action research projects conducted in an in-service English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher education program administered in the Niigata prefecture from May to December 2008. Questionnaires concerning action research and English language classroom teaching were developed and administered to the participants before and after the program. The participants were 17 public junior high school teachers of English and their responses were analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Both quantitative and qualitative results verified that action research projects have significant positive effects on teachers' classroom teaching practices and their perceptions and evaluations of their students and themselves. However, the quantitative results showed that the projects did not further the good rapport between teachers and students. In addition, the qualitative results illustrated the process in detail, from the onset of reflective practices to the achievement of lesson improvement. The results also specifically revealed two major categories in which teachers faced problems during the action research process: those due to lack of time and those due to the ambiguity and complexity of the action research approach.
  • Follow-up Study on the Learners of English in Elementary Schools and Some Suggestions for English Education in Elementary and Junior High Schools, HIGUCHI Tadahiko, OMURA Yoshihiro, TANABE Yoshitaka, KUNIKATA Takashi, KAGATA Tetsuya, IZUMI Emiko, KINUGASA Tomoko, HAKOZAKI Yuko, UEMATSU Shigeo, MIKAMI Akihiro, Kinki University Department of Language Education bulletin, 近畿大学語学教育部紀要, 7(2), 123 - 180, Dec. 2007
    Summary:樋口専攻: 英語教育学, 田邊専攻: 英語教育学, 國方専攻: 英語教育学, 加賀田専攻: 英語教育学, 泉専攻: 英語教育学, 衣笠専攻: 人間形成論 英語圏の伝承唄と伝承唄遊び, 箱﨑専攻: 英語教育学, 植松専攻: 言語習得理論, 三上専攻: 英語教育学, 本論文は、日本児童英語教育学会(JASTEC)関西支部・プロジェクトチーム(代表:樋口忠彦)による研究成果である。当プロジェクトチームは平成17年7月に発足以来30回を越える研究会、小・中学校合計8校で調査を行い、本論文をまとめた。また、本論文は上記研究会での報告、協議内容に基づきメンバー全員で分担して執筆したが、執筆内容は全メンバーの考えが渾然一体となっている関係上、各執筆者の執筆箇所を示していない。なお、全体の内容構成および内容調整、用語の統一は樋口と大村、田邊が行った。
  • Guidelines for Action Research Mentors, 三上 明洋, 語学教育部ジャーナル, 語学教育部ジャーナル, (3), 169 - 180, Mar. 2007
    Summary:著者専攻: 英語教育学
  • Application of Mentoring to English Language Teacher Education, MIKAMI Akihiro, Kinki University Department of Language Education bulletin, 近畿大学語学教育部紀要, 6(2), 35 - 52, Dec. 25 2006
    Summary:執筆者専攻: 英語教育学, 本文データは、CiNiiから複製したものである。
  • A Survey of the Freshmen's Fundamental Ability of English At Suzuka College of Technology in 2004, HAYASHI Hiroshi, SAITO Sonoko, MATSUBAYASHI Yoshinori, DEGUCHI Yoshitaka, NAKAI Hiroo, MIKAMI Akihiro, Memoirs of Suzuka College of Technology, 紀要, 38, 53 - 55, Feb. 28 2005
    Summary:This paper is intended as an investigation into the effective ways to give new students better support for expanding their knowledge acquired at their junior high schools and for their understanding in learning English at Suzuka College of Technology. It is probable that we admitted freshmen with different levels of academic ability from the upper graders in 2004 because the graduates from each junior high school had been learning their subjects according to new government course guidelines since April 2002. We made some of their acquired ability clear by means of the achievement test, compared the data with those of past five years and tried to give them the best introduction to their learning at the beginning of their college life.


  • Suggestions on Self-Evaluation Checklists for EFL Teachers in Japan, MIKAMI Akihiro, The Language Teacher, 39, 5, 19, 22,   2015 09 , Refereed
  • Turning Point,   2014
  • Making and Using Teaching Materials on the Internet : the First Step of Using the Internet for English Language Teaching(共著), Foreign Language Education and Technology (]G0004[) Proceedings, 459, 467,   2001
  • Classroom Research in Elementary Schools., 16, 23, 37,   1997

Research Grants & Projects

  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(若手研究(B)), Development of extensive reading instruction and analysis of its effects at the tertiary level in Japan using a new type of action research, Akihiro MIKAMI, The researcher conducted action research in 10 English language classes that he taught over a period of 3 years. The study aimed to introduce extensive reading instruction for about 30 minutes a week andto examine its effects onuniversity studentsin Japan. Through the study, it was possibleto develop an effective model of extensive reading instruction for the duration of a school year. The instruction was confirmed to increase the number of English books read by the students, improve their reading speed, and enhance their motivation toward English learning. However, gains in students' English proficiency werenot confirmed. Information related to the extensive reading instruction developed for this study has been made availableon the Internet.
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(若手研究(B)), Development of Mentoring Program for Facilitating and Supporting Action Research, Akihiro MIKAMI
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Action Research
  • The Other Research Programs, How to Use the Internet in the English Language Teaching