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TAGAMI Masaharu


FacultyDepartment of Robotics / Research Institute of Fundamental Technology for Next Generation / Graduate School of System Enginnering
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Last Updated :2020/04/03

Education and Career


  •   2005 10  - 2008 12 , Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Graduate School of Engineering

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   2016 04 ,  - 現在, Lecture, faculty of Engineering, Kindai Univesity
  •   2014 04 ,  - 2016 03 , Faculty of Engineering, Department of Robotics, Kindai University

Research Activities

Research Interests

  • Parallel Mechanism, Dynamics, Control Engineering

Published Papers

  • A Control System Design of Knee Joint Rehabilitation Device, Vol. 8, p.75 - p.82, Jun. 2017
  • Basic Discussion of the Shock Reduction Technique Based on Principle of Center of Percussion, Masaharu Tagami, Vol. 7, Jun. 2016
  • Modeling and Simulation of a Simple Cart with Low-Impact Casters, Masaharu Tagami, Kiyoshi Ioi, Atsushi Suda, MATEC Web of Conferences, MATEC Web of Conferences, Vol. 42, 04005-p.1 - 04005-p.5, May 2016 , Refereed
  • Vibration Damping and Isolation Systems Using Direct Inertia Force Control, Masaharu TAGAMI, Yasutaka TAGAWA, Hirokazu HORA, Yasuyuki NOGUCHI, Hisao KATO, Mechanical Engineering Journal, Mechanical Engineering Journal, Vol. 1(No. 1), 1 - 11, 2014 , Refereed

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Evaluation of Muscle Activity using CPM Device for Leg-Muscle Recovery, Masaharu Tagami, The 10th TSME International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICoME2019),   2019 12 12
  • Modeling and simulation of a robot equipped with two independent driving wheels, Yusuke NISHIKAWA, Masaharu TAGAMI,   2019 12 05
  • DESIGN AND EVALUATION OF THE VIBRATION DAMPING CONTROLLER FOR A PUSHCART CONSIDERING THE BE-HAVIOR OF AN UNGROUNDED WHEEL, Masaharu Tagami, Atsushi Suda, Kiyoshi Ioi, Manabu Kosaka, International Congress Sound and Vibration,   2019 07 08
  • Study of wheelchair platooning using robot with two independent driving wheels, Yusuke NISHIKAWA, Shin TAKEHARA, Masaharu TAGAMI, Noki Dei,   2019 06 05
  • Position Control Based Impedance Control of Stewart Platform Aiming to a Multi Axis Load Test Device, Masaharu TAGAMI, Noriho KOYACHI,   2019 06 05
  • A Line-trace Robot for the Practice of Creative Challenge of Robotics, Nobuyasu TOMOKUNI, Jian HUANG, Masato OKA, Noriho KOYACHI, Mizuho SHIBATA, Masaharu TAGAMI,   2019 06 05
  • An evaluation of muscle activity that activated by a CPM device which can train the leg muscle, Masaharu Tagami,   2019 03 07
  • Design and fabrication of powder bed test bench and analysis of powder behavior by recoating, Yuta MORI, Masaharu TAGAMI, Takumi SHIOTA, Toshi-Taka IKESHOJI,   2018 11 03
  • Active Vibration Control of a Cart Utilizing Center of Percussion, Masaharu Tagami, Atsushi Suda, Kiyoshi Ioi, Manabu Kosaka, The 14th International Conference on Motion and Vibration,   2018 08 07