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KOIKE Hiroshi


FacultyDepartment of Architecture and Design / Graduate School of Industory
PositionAssociate Professor
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Last Updated :2020/09/30

Education and Career


  •   1985 04  - 1989 03 , Waseda University, Science and Engineering
  •   1998 09  - 2002 06 , Harvard, Graduate School of Design

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   2013 04 ,  - 現在, Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanity Oriented Science and Engineering, Dep. of Architecture and Design, Kindai University

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Social infrastructure (civil Engineering, architecture, disaster prevention), Architectural and city planning, Planning Theory

Research Interests

  • Visualization, Elements influencing Living Environment, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, GIS, Urban Scenes

Published Papers

  • A study on the introduction of ubiquitous technology in town planning of citizen participation: Implementation of a permanent ubiquitous system through the projects of action forum of "ooyama-Kaido", Rui Izumiyama, Kensuke Kato, Masami Kobayashi, Hiroshi Koike, AIJ Journal of Technology and Design, AIJ Journal of Technology and Design, 18(39), 727 - 732, 2012 , Refereed
    Summary:This study reports the attempt of implementing a permanent UBIQUITOUS system as an instrument for the citizen involvement process in urban planning, by inspecting the introduction of UBIQUITOUS technologies and repeating experimental studies, as part of the "OOYAMA-KAIDO" Action-Forum during a period of two years. In particular, the two UBIQUITOUS experiments verify the method for introducing UBIQUITOUS panel and a walking trail that uses GPS, and implements a permanent UBIQUITOUS system that connects social media which teaches the resources' information and the history of "OOYAMA- KAIDO".
  • VERIFICATION OF FACTORS INFLUENCING THE VISIBILITY THROUGH FENCES WITH THE FULLSIZE MODEL, H.Koike, T.Yamamoto, Y.Matsumoto, S.Kashihara, AIJ J. Technol. Des, AIJ J. Technol. Des, 16(34), 1155 - 1158, Oct. 2010 , Refereed
  • Decision Making of Human Activity by Information through"Ubiquitous" Technology - Experiments at Togoshi Ginza Shopping Mall, H.Koike, M.Kobayashi, Journal of Habitat Engineering, Journal of Habitat Engineering, 2(27), 155 - 164, Sep. 2010 , Refereed
  • Development of the models showing the extent of natural surveillance by using light projecting method: Study on windows suffering burglary damage of detached house surrounded by lots, Hiroshi Koike, Yoshihiko Matsumoto, Hideyuki Yamagishi, Toshiya Yamamoto, Seiichi Kashihara, Keita Minobe, AIJ Journal of Technology and Design, AIJ Journal of Technology and Design, 14(27), 311 - 314, Jun. 2008 , Refereed
    Summary:By using "Light Projecting Method" in the 3-dimentional model, the simulation system was developed to visualize the extent of natural surveillance covering windows in the case of detached houses each of which is adjacent to one street. In this model, the strength of natural surveillance was visually showed as the brightness generated by artificial lights that indicates the visibility. This simulation was evaluated in accordance with the results of the on-site research of actual houses suffering burglary damage.
  • Information Supply with Cell Phone with RFID Reader on Site, M.Kobayashi, H.Koike, S.Sakamoto, - stimulation013, Refereed

Books etc

  • GIS for Urban Design, Koike Hiroshi, Sole author, V2 Solution,   2015 01
  • Urban Decoding, Koike Hiroshi, Sole author, V2 Solution,   2007 10

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Study on information density of the street in commercial area -With streetscape simulation using the exchange test in Shimokitazawa-, M.Sonetaka, H.Koike, M.Kobayashi, Internation al Alliance for Sustainable Urbanizatio n and Regeneratio n,   2014 10 25
  • GIS Education at the Graduate School of Meiji University, Koike Hiroshi, Asian Planning Schools Association,   2011 09 20