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Takeshi Hidaka


FacultyDepartment of Management and Business / Graduate School of Industory
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Last Updated :2019/12/09

Education and Career


  •  - 1996 , Keio University, Faculty of Economics

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Environmental science, Environmental policy and social systems
  • Applied aquatic science, Aquatic bioproduction science

Research Interests

  • Fishries Economics

Published Papers

  • An Attempt of Muti-level Management System of the Coastal Area based on Network Governance, HIDAKA Takeshi, Journal of Coastal Zone Studies, 31(3), 29 - 40, Dec. 2018 , Refereed

Books etc

  • GLOBAL CHANGE IN MARINE SYSTEMS; Integrating Natural, Social and Governing Responses, HIDAKA Takeshi, Contributor, Case study of the regional ICM system introduced voluntarily by the prefectural government in Omura Bay, Japan, Routledge,   2017

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Comparison of the business system composing the tuna aquaculture industry in the world, The 5th World Fisheries Cogress, Tuna Sattelite Symposium,   2008 10 , The 5th World Fisheries Cogress, Tuna Sattelite Symposium
  • Comparison of bluefin tuna fisheries management, tuna aquaculture and their, The 5th World Fisheries Cogress,   2008 10 , The 5th World Fisheries Cogress


  • Some problems on the Multiple use of Coastal Zone of Hakata Bay, Japanese Journal of Fisheries Economics, 42, 1, 1, 27,   1997
  • Outline and Appreciation of the Direct Fish Market from the Place of Production in Large Cities : a Case Study of Fukuoka City, Journal of Regional Fisheries, 37, 3,   1997
  • Coastal zone Management and Public Function of Coastal Fisheries in Large Cities : Case Study of Fukuoka City, Bulletin of Fukuoka Prefectural Fisheries and Marine Technology Research Center, 5,   1996
  • A Study on the Evaluation and Problems of Tourist Fisheries in Urban Areas : Case Study of Activities on, Japanese Journal of Fisheries Economics, 44, 1, 1, 24,   1999
  • A Study of the Fishery's Social Role through the Coastal Zone Utilization in the Urban Area, Journal of Regional Fisheries, 39, 2, 177, 194,   1999

Research Grants & Projects

  • Study on the coastal zone utilization and fisheries social function in urban areas