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FacultyDepartment of Law / Graduate School of Law
PositionAssociate Professor
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Last Updated :2020/09/30

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences, International law

Research Interests

  • Source of International Law, International Environmental Law

Published Papers

  • A Study on Formalism of International Law, 67(3・4), 185 - 232, Mar. 2020


  • Functions and Limits of Regime Creation by "Like-Minded States" in International Law: How far are they from Civil Society?, The Chuo Law Review, 116, 3・4, 595, 642,   2009
  • Interaction between Unilateralism and Multilateralism: The Impact of the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) on the International Legal Order, The Law Review of Kinki University, 56, 2, 27, 71,   2008 09
  • The Legal Status of the Northwest Passage in International Law: A Crossroad between Ice-covered Areas and International Straits, The Law Review of Kinki University, 54, 4, 209, 262,   2007 04
  • Conservation of Coral Reefs: From the Perspective of International Law, The Law Review of Kinki University, 54, 1,   2006 06
  • Environmental Unilateralism and the Notion of Sustainable Development, United Nations' Contributions to the Prevention and Settlement of Conflicts,   2003 07

Research Grants & Projects

  • 0102 (Japanese Only), Environmental Unilateralism