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    General Education Division Professor
Last Updated :2022/08/04

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  • PhD(Temple University)

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Published Papers

  • Paul Leeming; Justin Harris
    Language Learning Wiley 0023-8333 2022/03 [Refereed]
  • Identifying Emergent Leaders in Small Groups in the Language Learning Classroom: An Exploratory Study
    Paul Leeming
    JALT Journal 43 (2) 215 - 239 2021/11 [Refereed]
  • Impact of exercise format and repetition on learning verb–noun collocations
    Peter Ferguson; Anna Siyanova-Chanturia; Paul Leeming
    Language Teaching Research 1 - 27 2021/07 [Refereed]
  • The impact of teaching approach on growth in L2 proficiency and self-efficacy: A longitudunal classroom-based study of TBLT and PPP
    Justin Harris; Paul Leeming
    Journal of Second Language Studies 2021/04 [Refereed]
  • Paul Leeming
    Language Teaching Research SAGE Publications 136216882198986 - 136216882198986 1362-1688 2021/02 [Refereed]
  • Collaborative Pre-Task Planning Processes and Second-Language Task Performance
    Leeming, P; Aubrey, S; Lambert, C
    RELC Journal 2020/10 [Refereed]
  • The Accuracy of Teacher Predictions of Student Language Use in Tasks in a Japanese University
    Harris, J; Leeming, P
    2020/06 [Invited]
  • The impact of first as opposed to second language pre-task planning on the content of problem-solving task performance
    S. Aubrey; C. Lambert; P. Leeming
    Language Teaching Research 2020/06 [Refereed]
  • Task Preparation and Second Language Speech Production
    C. Lambert; S. Aubrey; P. Leeming
    TESOL Quarterly 2020/06 [Refereed]
  • Expanding on Willis’ TBL Framework: The Integrated Input Output Framework
    Leeming, P; Harris, J
    Journal of Asia TEFL 17 (1) 215 - 224 2020/03 [Refereed]
  • Leeming Ian Paul
    TESOL Quarterly 2019/04 [Refereed]
  • Investigating collective-efficacy in the foreign language classroom
    Leeming Ian Paul
    The Language Learning Journal 2017/12 [Refereed]
  • A longitudinal investigation into English speaking self-efficacy in a Japanese language classroom
    Leeming Ian Paul
    Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education 2 (12) 2017/12 [Refereed]
  • Using dictation to measure language proficiency: A Rasch analysis
    Leeming Paul; Wong Aeric
    Papers in Language Testing and Assessment 5 (2) 1 - 25 2016/10 [Refereed]
  • Retrospective data collection: Can students remember?
    Leeming Ian Paul
    Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics 4 (1) 147 - 163 2015/01 [Refereed]
  • Group Formation and Longevity in the Foreign Language Classroom: Student' Views
    Leeming Ian Paul
    The Journal of Asia TEFL 11 (3) 105 - 132 2014/10 [Refereed]
  • Using dictation to measure language proficiency
    Leeming Ian Paul
    Language education in Asia 5 (1) 160 - 169 2014/10 [Refereed]
  • Academic Science Texts and Popular Science Texts: Differences and Similarities
    Leeming Ian Paul
    The 2012 Pan-Sig Conference Proceedings 2013/02 [Refereed]
  • Group dynamics, leadership, and influence
    Leeming Ian Paul
    JALT2011 Conference Proceedings. 2012/08 [Refereed]
  • Paul Leeming
    International Journal of Applied Linguistics 21 (3) 360 - 382 0802-6106 2011/11 [Refereed]

Books etc

  • On Task 3
    Leeming Ian Paul; Harris Justin (Joint work)ABAX 2018/04
  • On Task 1
    Leeming Ian Paul; Harris Justin (Joint work)ABAX 2018/04
  • On Task 2
    Leeming Ian Paul; Harris Justin (Joint work)ABAX 2017/04


Research Grants & Projects

  • TBLT and PPP approaches to reading in a foreign language: An eye tracking study.
  • Motivational change during university and its impact on growth in English proficiency
  • The comparative effectiveness of TBLT and PPP approaches to language teaching

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