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TOMITA Yoshihiro


FacultyResearch Institute of Bio-coke
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Last Updated :2020/09/01

Education and Career


  •  - 1993 , Kindai University, Faculty of Science and Engineering
  •  - 1993 , Kinki University, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   2015 04 ,  - 現在, Reserch Institute of Biokoke, Kinki University
  •   2002 04 ,  - 2015 03 , Sciense and Enginnering, Kinki University
  •   1993 ,  - 2002 , Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kindai University
  •   1993 ,  - 2002 , Research Associate, Faculty of Engineering
  • and Science, University of Kinki

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Nanotechnology/Materials, Metals and resources production
  • Nanotechnology/Materials, Material fabrication and microstructure control
  • Nanotechnology/Materials, Structural and functional materials
  • Nanotechnology/Materials, Composite materials and interfaces

Research Interests

  • Materials Engineering, Materials Engineering, Materials Engineering

Published Papers

  • Verifications of the Carburizing Material Substitution Effect of Biocoke in High Frequency Induction Fusion Melting, TOMITA YOSHIHIRO, OBANA YORINORI, IDA TAMIO, スマートプロセス学会誌, スマートプロセス学会誌, 3(5), 289 - 294, Sep. 20 2014
  • タイにおける未利用バイオマス資源を用いたバイオコークスの製造実証と実キュポラ実証試験による環境保全と新エネルギー市場開拓の可能性, MURATA HIROTOSHI, IDA TAMIO, MIZUNO SATORU, FUCHIHATA MANABU, FUMOTO TAKAYUKI, TOMITA YOSHIHIRO, エネルギー・資源学会研究発表会講演論文集(CD-ROM), エネルギー・資源学会研究発表会講演論文集(CD-ROM), 33rd, ROMBUNNO.7-4, 2014
  • 北海道留萌市産もみ殻バイオコークスを用いた鋳造における加炭・加珪性の評価, TOMITA YOSHIHIRO, IDA TAMIO, MURATA HIROTOSHI, SAWADA TOMOAKI, エネルギー・資源学会研究発表会講演論文集(CD-ROM), エネルギー・資源学会研究発表会講演論文集(CD-ROM), 33rd, ROMBUNNO.5-1, 2014
  • Effects of Carbon and Nitrogen on the Mechanical Properties of Cast Iron using Bio-Coke as Substitute Carburizer, TOMITA YOSHIHIRO, 鋳造工学, 鋳造工学, 85(1), 15 - 20, Jan. 25 2013
  • Compo-casting Method for Alumina Ceramics Inserted in Cast Iron to Reduce Thermal Stress, Proceedings of World Foundry Congress 2006, Proceedings of World Foundry Congress 2006, 112 - 114, Jun. 2006
  • New compo-casting method of ceramics inserted cast iron reducing thermal stress, Y Tomita, H Sumimoto, MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS, MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS, 47(1), 162 - 169, Jan. 2006
    Summary:The compo-casting of ceramics by cast iron is expected to be one of the useful casting process that can expand the application fields of cast iron. The largest problem in compo-casting method is cracking Caused by thermal shock. Although this cracking can be prevented by reducing the thermal stress by preheating ceramics. the necessary preheating temperature is high and its precise control is difficult at practical foundries. In this study, we tried to estimate numerically the critical preheating temperature of ceramics using the thermal stress analysis during transient thermal conduction and the Newman's diagram. We also found that the preheating of ceramics to reduce thermal stress can be replaced with placing an appropriate cast iron covers around the ceramics. We describe new compo-casting method that needs no preheating of ceramics and proved the usefulness experimentally.

Conference Activities & Talks

  • 高周波誘導溶解におけるバイオコークスの加炭材代替効果, TOMITA YOSHIHIRO, IDA TAMIO, OBANA MIKI, 日本鋳造工学会全国講演大会講演概要集,   2014 10 01
  • 鋳鉄によるSUS304パイプの鋳ぐるみにおけるパイプへの熱集中の改善, TOMITA YOSHIHIRO, 日本鋳造工学会全国講演大会講演概要集,   2014 05 15
  • 高周波誘導溶解炉における加炭材のバイオコークス一部代替による操業への影響, TOMITA YOSHIHIRO, IDA TAMIO, OBANA YOSHINORI, スマートプロセス学会総合学術講演会講演概要,   2014
  • 鋳鉄によるSUS304パイプの鋳ぐるみ板の冷却能評価, TOMITA YOSHIHIRO, 日本鋳造工学会全国講演大会講演概要集,   2013 10 15
  • バイオコークスを用いた銑鉄レス鋳造における溶解時間の短縮, TOMITA YOSHIHIRO, IDA TAMIO, FUCHIHATA MANABU, MIZUNO SATOSHI, 日本鋳造工学会全国講演大会講演概要集,   2013 05 15
  • 鋳鉄溶湯に緑茶バイオコークスを浸漬した場合の鋳鉄材質に及ぼす影響,   2010 05
  • Compo-casting Method for Alumina Ceramics Inserted in Cast Iron to Reduce Thermal Stress, CIATF World Foundry Congress 2006,   2006 06 , CIATF World Foundry Congress 2006


  • Obsearvation of Cast-in Insearts of Ceramics with Molten Cast Iron and Generation Condition of Cracks, Foundry Engineering,   2002 , 10.11279/jfes.74.143
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  • Evaluation of Chilling Tendency of Cast Iron by Critical Cooling Rate and Influence of Some Elements on the Chilling, J. Fac. Sci. Technol. Kinki Univ., 30, 173,   1994

Research Grants & Projects

  • Evaluation of Cast-in Inserts of Ceramics and Cast Iron
  • Evaluation of Cast-in Inserts of Columnar Alumina Ceramics and Cast Iron
  • Bonding between cast Iron and Ceramics by using intermediate material
  • Evaluation of chilling tendency and influences of elements on cast iron