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Hiromi Baba


FacultyDepartment of Information and Computer Science / Graduate School of Industory
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Last Updated :2019/10/19

Education and Career


  •  - 1996 , Kyushu Institute of Technology, Graduate School, Division of Information Engineering

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Informatics, Intelligent informatics

Research Interests

  • Computer Graphics

Published Papers

  • MVEVE: A Visual Programming Environment for Creating New Visual Effects, Computer Graphics and Imaging (CGIM 2013), Feb. 2013
    Summary:This paper presents MVEVE(Modular Visual Environment for Visual Effects), a visual programming environment for creating new visual effects. For intuitive visual programming, MVEVE has several high-level data types, e.g, ImageList and 3DObjectList. Processing modules in MVEVE has input and output ports of these data types, and typically performs image/video processing's. Users connect input and output ports among modules, and then create new visual effects easier than conventional textural programming. Sample effects of afterimages, speed lines, and particles are presented in the paper.
  • Previewing in Visual Programming Environment for Video Effects, International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research: Language, Medias and Culture II, 27 - 31, Mar. 2013
    Summary:MVEVE is a visual programming environment for creating new visual effects for video images. This paper discusses previewing issues in MVEVE from two viewpoints: user interface and image downsizing. From the user interface point of view, we designed the interface for previewing so that users can debug the visual program efficiently and intuitively. For image downsizing, we designed the functions of modules for low-resolution images/videos so that users have similar impressions of visual effects as much as possible even in the downsized videos. Sample frames from original and downsized videos are presented to illustrate the effects of our approach.


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Research Grants & Projects

  • Visualization of Temporal and Spatial Information