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SUGAI Kosuke


FacultyGeneral Education Division
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Last Updated :2020/09/01

Education and Career

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   2011 ,  - 2012 , Faculty of Economics, Kindai University

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences, Foreign language education
  • Humanities & social sciences, Linguistics
  • Humanities & social sciences, Cognitive sciences

Published Papers

  • Verb subcategorization information during sentence comprehension by Japanese EFL learners: Evidence from self-paced sentence anomaly task, 長井千枝子, 籔内智, 橋本健一, 菅井康祐, 横川博一, 61 - 70, 2010
  • The Effect of Pause on the Listening Process of Japanese EFL Learners, Sugai, K, Kanzaki, K, and, Yamane, S, (44), 188 - 201, 2007
  • The Durational Unit of Speech Perception: A Neurophysiologic Approach, Sugai, K, 筑波英語教育.第26号, 筑波英語教育.第26号, (26), 25 - 34, 2001
  • The Time Domain Factors Affecting EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension: a Study on Japanese EFL Learners, SUGAI, K, Yamane, S, Kanzaki, K, Annual Review of English Language Education in Japan, Annual Review of English Language Education in Japan, 27, 97 - 108, Mar. 2016 , Refereed

Conference Activities & Talks

  • A Study on Japanese Mora as a Durational Unit: Experimental Study with Monosyllable Word, Kosuke, SUGAI, The Japan Society for Language Sciences,   2015 07 18
  • Can Listening Comprehension Test predict Lexical Stress Perception Ability? : a Study on Japanese EFL Learners., Kosuke, S, Kanzaki, K, Yamane, S,   2014
  • Predictability of Consonant Perception Ability Through a Listening Comprehension Test: an Experimental Study on Japanese EFL Learners, Kosuke, S, Yamane, S, Kanzaki, K,   2013


  • Verb Subcategorization Information During Sentence Comprehension by Japanese EFL Learners : Evidence From Self-Paced Sentence Anomaly Task, NAGAI Chieko, YABUUCHI Satoshi, HASHIMOTO Ken-ichi, SUGAI Kosuke, YOKOKAWA Hirokazu, ARELE : annual review of English language education in Japan, 21, 0, 61, 70,   2010 03 ,
    Summary:This study investigated the use of verb subcategorization information during sentence comprehension by Japanese EFL learners, using a self-paced reading task with the embedded anomaly technique. In order to observe when the syntactic structure was determined, filler-gap sentences were constructed as stimuli. Four types of verbs were used: simple transitive verbs, dative verbs, infinitive complement verbs and intransitive preference verbs. The plausibility of the direct object of the embedded verb was also manipulated. The results demonstrate that the high proficiency learners utilize verb s...
  • The Effects of Pauses on the Listening Process of Japanese EFL Learners, Language Education & Technology, 44, 187, 205,   2007 06 ,
  • The pausing effects on Japanese EFL learners' listening comprehension, Osaka Electro-Communication University,research in the humanities, 0, 9, 47, 54,   2007 03 ,
  • On the Perception of English Consonants by Japanese EFL Learners An Experiment on the Perception of Word Initial Consonants, Sugai Kosuke, Kansai University forum for foreign language education, 3, 0, 17, 22,   2004 03 ,
  • On the Rhythm of Japanese EFL Learner's Speech, Sugai Kosuke, Tsukuba review of English language teaching, 22, 0, 147, 160,   2001 ,