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FacultyTeaching Educatuin Division
PositionAssociate Professor
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Last Updated :2020/07/08

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences, Primary/secondary education and curricula

Published Papers

  • Development of Teaching Materials for Classification of Pollen and Spore Fossils from Ametaki Lacustrine Deposits, Takenori YOSHIKAWA, Shigeru MORI, 72(4), 141 - 152, Feb. 2020 , Refereed
  • Attempts of the Observation Records Creation Using Tablet PC in the Geological Field Observation and the Microscopic Observation, Takenori Yoshikawa, 30(2), 99 - 112, Feb. 2019 , Refereed
  • Learning Contents to Make Students Foster the Motivation of Disaster Prevention in the Lower Secondary Class Unit "Blessings and Disaster of Nature", 吉川 武憲, 近畿大学教育論叢, 近畿大学教育論叢, 29(3), 31 - 49, 2018 , Refereed
  • Developmental Teaching Materials of the Boring Materials to Realize the Holocene Marine Clay Layer in the Osaka plain, 吉川 武憲, 近畿大学教育論叢, 近畿大学教育論叢, 29(1), 43 - 58, 2017 , Refereed
  • Reconstruction of Sedimentary Environments by Junior High School Students Using Facies Models, 吉川 武憲, 岡崎 和子, 香西 武, 村田 守, 地学教育 = Education of earth science, 地学教育 = Education of earth science, 68(4), 171 - 184, Jun. 2016 , Refereed
  • Evaluation from the Education for Disaster Prevention of a University Study using Peel Specimen of Tsunami Sediments, 吉川 武憲, 近畿大学教育論叢, 近畿大学教育論叢, 27(2), 33 - 44, 2016 , Refereed
  • Change of Disaster Prevention Awareness of University Students with Realization of Natural Disasters near Living Area, 吉川 武憲, 近畿大学教育論叢, 近畿大学教育論叢, 28(1), 37 - 46, 2016 , Refereed
  • Problems in the Study on Reconstruction of Sedimentary Environment Build on Vertical Change of Facies from the Experimental Practice for Junior High School Students, 吉川 武憲, 香西 武, 村田 守, 地学教育, 地学教育, 66(5), 139 - 151, Mar. 2014 , Refereed
  • The Geological Field Observation for Junior High School Students on the Occurrence of Oysters and Fossil Burrows in the Northern Basin Margin of the Upper Cretaceous Izumi Group, YOSHIKAWA Takenori, KOZAI Takeshi, MURATA Mamoru, 地学教育, 地学教育, 65(5), 173 - 182, Dec. 2012 , Refereed
  • Practical Study of In-Service Teacher Training Combined with Lectures and Geological Field Observations, Based on the Experience of Junior High School Science Teachers in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, YOSHIKAWA Takenori, KOZAI Takeshi, MURATA Mamoru, FUJIOKA Tatsuya, 地学教育, 地学教育, 64(4), 93 - 106, Jul. 2011 , Refereed
  • Mixed autochthonous and allochthonous oyster beds of the Upper Cretaceous Izumi Group along the northern basin margin in the Mannou area, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, Yoshikawa Takenori, Ando Hisao, Kozai Takeshi, Kondo Yasuo, Jour. Geol. Soc. Japan, Jour. Geol. Soc. Japan, 117(9), 523 - 537, 2011 , Refereed


  • Development Teaching Materials for Meteoric shower, Micro-meteorite and Meteorite in Junior High School, Yoshikawa Takenori, Phwetekele Prince, Rhonex Funsani, Matsubara Midori, Toyooka Syu, Tada Syousei, Furukawa Takahito, Kozai Takeshi, Murata Mamoru, Nishimura Hiroshi, Ozawa Hiroaki, Bulletin of Center for Collaboration in Community Naruto University of Education, 22, 83, 88,   2007 ,