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FacultyDepartment of Robotics / Research Institute of Fundamental Technology for Next Generation
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Last Updated :2020/09/01

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Informatics, Mechanics and mechatronics

Published Papers

  • An Electromagnetic Tactile Sensor for Three-Axis Force Sensing and Its Characteristics, 71(708), 920 - 927, 2005
  • Analysis of Jumping Performance for a Compact Humanoid with Compliance Control Function, 141(11), 939 - 941, 2005
  • Compact Humanoid Robots Using Torque Controllable Servo Units, 71(708), 2578 - 2585, 2005

Conference Activities & Talks

  • A Development of Small-sized Realtime Controller with MCU and FPGA, TOMOKUNI Nobuyasu, Robomec2015,   2015 05 18
  • Stair Climbing Robot Based on Inverted Pendulum Mechanism with Seat Slider, TOMOKUNI Nobuyasu, SI2014,   2014 12 16
  • Control Design of a Inverted Pendulum Type Mobility with Leg-wheel and Slider,   2012 12
  • Wheeled Inverted-Pendulum-Type Personal Mobility Robot with Collaborative Control of Seat Slider and Leg Wheels, IEEE/RJS International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems(IROS2012),   2012 10 , IEEE/RJS International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems(IROS2012)
    Summary:In this paper, we describe the motion control for a personal mobility robot (PMR) that is a wheeled inverted pendulum vehicle. The structure of the PMR consistsof a seat slider and two independent leg wheels attached on either side; this enables the driver to mount the PMR by changing the vehicle’s height from the squatting position to the standing position. In addition, this structure can control the roll posture of the vehicle and thus prevent the PMR from toppling over because of a short tread. The seat slider facilitates a stable pitch posture with suitable control. We present an overview of the kinematic structure, three-dimensional dynamics model, and control method based on the linear-quadratic regulator (LQR), in order to achieve stable control of the PMR.
  • Posture control of a two-leg-wheeled inverted-pendulum-type vehicle,   2009
  • Improving stability for a two-leg-wheeled inverted-pendulum-type vehicle equipped with a slider,   2008
  • Multi-Functional Active Caster Module for Distributed Actuation Devices, SICE-ICASE International Joint Conference 2006,   2006 , SICE-ICASE International Joint Conference 2006