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FacultyDepartment of Life Science / Graduate School of Science and Engineering Research
PositionAssociate Professor
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Last Updated :2020/04/05

Education and Career


  •  - 2001 , Hokkaido University
  •  - 1996 , Hokkaido University, School of Fisheries Sciences

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   2008 09 ,  - 2009 08 , Visiting scholar, Stanford University

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Life sciences, Marine/Aquatic life sciences

Published Papers

  • Neurodevelopmental toxicity in the mouse neocortex following prenatal exposure to acetamiprid, Kagawa, N, T. Nagao, Journal of Applied Toxicology, Journal of Applied Toxicology, DOI: 10.1002/jat.3692, Jun. 2018 , Refereed
  • Mechanisms underlying neuro-in ammation and neurodevelopmental toxicity in the mouse neocortex following prenatal exposure to ethanol, Komada, M, N. Hara, S. Kawachi, K. Kawachi, N. Kagawa, T. Nagao, Y. Ikeda, Scientific Reports, Scientific Reports, DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-04289-1, Jul. 2017 , Refereed
  • Arginine vasotocin neuronal development and its projection in the adult brain of the medaka, Kagawa, N, A. Honda, A. Zenno, R. Omoto, S. Imanaka, Y. Takehana, K. Naruse, 613, 47 - 53, Jan. 2016 , Refereed
  • Neurohypophysial hormones regulate amphibious behaviour in the mudskipper goby, Sakamoto, T, Y. Nishiyama, A. Ikeda, H. Takahashi, S. Hyodo, N. Kagawa, H. Sakamoto, PLOS One, PLOS One, 10(7), e0134605, Jul. 2015 , Refereed
  • Motor activities of newborns prenatally exposed to low-dose bisphenol A in diverse mouse strains, Kagawa,N, M. Komada, T. Nagao, Fundam. Toxicol. Sci., Fundam. Toxicol. Sci., 2, 79 - 82, May 2015 , Refereed
  • Comparative analyses of lysophosphatidic acid receptor-mediated signaling., Fukushima N, Ishii S, Tsujiuchi T, Kagawa N, Katoh K, Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS, Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS, Mar. 2015 , Refereed
  • Frequency and size of micronuclei induced gill cells of medaka fish (Oryzias latipes)after whole-body exposure to clastogenic chemicals., Takai, A, N. Kagawa, M. Nakagawa, Y. Watabe, K. Fujikawa, Drug Chem. Toxicol., Drug Chem. Toxicol., Apr. 2014 , Refereed
  • Newly developed mouse newborn behavioral testing method for evaluating the risk of neurotoxicity of environmental toxicants., Nagao T, Kagawa N, Komada M, Journal of applied toxicology : JAT, Journal of applied toxicology : JAT, 33(12), 1514 - 1519, Dec. 2013 , Refereed
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  • Social rank-dependent expression of arginine vasotocin in distinct preoptic regions in male Oryzias latipes., KAGAWA Nao, Journal of fish biology, Journal of fish biology, 82(1), 354 - 363, Jan. 2013 , Refereed


  • Stress physiology in fish