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  • PhD(Kindai university)

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Research Keyword

  • 医薬化学   有機合成化学   Medicinal Chemistry   Synthetic Organic Chemistry   

Research Field

  • Life sciences / Pharmaceuticals - chemistry and drug development
  • Nanotechnology/Materials / Synthetic organic chemistry



  • 2009 - Today  Kindai UniversityFaculty of Pharmacy講師
  • 2008 - 2009  Kindai UniversityFaculty of Pharmacy助教
  • 1998 - 2008  Kindai UniversityFaculty of Pharmacy
  • 1997 - 1998  Kindai UniversityFaculty of Pharmacy

Educational Background

  •        - 1997  Kyoto University  工学研究科  合成・生物化学専攻
  •        - 1995/03  Osaka City University  理学研究科  化学専攻
  •        -   Osaka City University  Faculty of Science  Department of Chemistry

■Research activity information


  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Shiori Nakatani; Shinya Nakamura; Kenji Yoshioka; Eri Nakagawa; Masato Tsuyuguchi; Takayoshi Kinoshita; Isao Nakanishi
    RSC Medicinal Chemistry Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) 15 1274 - 1282 2024/02 [Refereed]
    We recently reported novel purine-based CK2α inhibitors using the solvent ordering–based method as virtual screening. Among these, the X-ray crystal structure of a complex with CK2α was determined. The results...
  • Fumihiko Ogata; Kazuki Sugimura; Noriaki Nagai; Chalermpong Saenjum; Keiji Nishiwaki; Naohito Kawasaki
    RSC Sustainability Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) 2 (1) 179 - 186 2023/12 [Refereed]
    This research aims to evaluate waste cotton and polyester as effective potential adsorbents for the removal of crystal violet (CV) from aqueous phases.
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Shinya Nakamura; Kenji Yoshioka; Eri Nakagawa; Shiori Nakatani; Masato Tsuyuguchi; Takayoshi Kinoshita; Isao Nakanishi
    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin Pharmaceutical Society of Japan 71 (7) 558 - 565 0009-2363 2023/07 [Refereed]
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Yasuhiro Morikawa; Shigeo Suzuki; Kazutaka Shiomi; Isao Nakanishi
    Analytical Sciences Springer Science and Business Media LLC 39 (7) 1763 - 1770 0910-6340 2023/06 [Refereed]
  • Masako Sato; Kazuhiko Matsuo; Yoko Susami; Ayaka Yamashita; Haruko Hayasaka; Yuta Hara; Keiji Nishiwaki; Naoki Oiso; Akira Kawada; Atsushi Otsuka; Takashi Nakayama
    International Immunology Oxford University Press (OUP) 35 (9) 437 - 446 2023/06 
    Abstract CCR4 is a major trafficking receptor for T-helper (Th) 2 cells and Th17 cells and is considered as a potential therapeutic target for atopic dermatitis (AD). The CCR4 ligands CCL17 and CCL22 have been reported to be upregulated in the skin lesions of AD patients. Of note, thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP), a master regulator of the Th2 immune response, promotes the expression of CCL17 and CCL22 in AD skin lesions. Here, we investigated the role of CCR4 in an AD mouse model induced by MC903, a TSLP inducer. Topical application of MC903 to ear skin increased the expression of not only TSLP but also CCL17, CCL22, the Th2 cytokine IL-4, and the Th17 cytokine IL-17A. Consistently, MC903 induced AD-like skin lesions as shown by increased epidermal thickness; increased infiltration of eosinophils, mast cells, type 2 innate lymphoid cells, Th2 cells, and Th17 cells; and elevated serum levels of total IgE. We also found increased expansion of Th2 cells and Th17 cells in the regional lymph nodes (LNs) of AD mice. Compound 22, a CCR4 inhibitor, ameliorated AD-like skin lesions with reduction of Th2 cells and Th17 cells in the skin lesions and regional LNs. We further confirmed that compound 22 diminished the expansion of Th2 cells and Th17 cells in the coculture of CD11c+ dendritic cells (DCs) and CD4+ T cells derived from the regional LNs of AD mice. Collectively, CCR4 antagonists may exhibit anti-allergic effects by inhibiting both the recruitment and expansion of Th2 cells and Th17 cells in AD.
  • Tatsuo Akaki; Shinya Nakamura; Keiji Nishiwaki; Isao Nakanishi
    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin Pharmaceutical Society of Japan 71 (4) 299 - 306 0009-2363 2023/04 [Refereed]
  • Shinya Nakamura; Tatsuo Akaki; Keiji Nishiwaki; Midori Nakatani; Yuji Kawase; Yuki Takahashi; Isao Nakanishi
    Journal of Computational Chemistry Wiley 44 (7) 824 - 831 0192-8651 2022/11 [Refereed]
  • Kouichi Matsumoto; Yuta Hayashi; Kengo Hamasaki; Mizuki Matsuse; Hiyono Suzuki; Keiji Nishiwaki; Norihito Kawashita
    Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry Beilstein Institut 18 1116 - 1122 2022/08 [Refereed]
    The electrochemical reduction conditions of the reaction of alkyl 2-chloroacetates in Bu4NBr/DMF using a divided cell equipped with Pt electrodes to produce the corresponding cyclopropane derivatives in moderate yields were discovered. The reaction conditions were optimized, the scope and limitations, as well as scale-up reactions were investigated. The presented method for the electrochemical production of cyclopropane derivatives is an environmentally friendly and easy to perform synthetic procedure.
  • Yasuhiro Morikawa; Keiji Nishiwaki; Shigeo Suzuki; Mitsuhiro Kinoshita; Isao Nakanishi
    Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry Springer Science and Business Media LLC 38 (2) 437 - 442 0910-6340 2022/02 [Refereed]
    Cyanide is highly toxic to humans and the environment. It is very important to develop an on-site system for the quantitative analysis of cyanide with high sensitivity and reliability. In this study, we developed a cyanide detection system based on the reaction of vaporized cyanide on a glass-fiber filter soaked in a mixture of naphthalene-2,3-dicarboxaldehyde (NDA)-taurine-borate solution. Although the reaction product was stable for at least 3 days at room temperature, the reaction product on the strip was quickly quenched within a few minutes by direct irradiation with 405 nm light. To overcome this problem, we fabricated a simple device designed to detect the fluorescence intensity immediately after inserting a reaction strip into the device. The linearity of the calibration was obtained over a range of 1-100 µM of cyanide with good repeatability. The device is cost-effective (~ $300) and powered by batteries; therefore, it is suitable for the on-site determination of cyanide in crude samples.
  • Yasuhiro Morikawa; Keiji Nishiwaki; Shigeo Suzuki; Kazutaka Shiomi; Isao Nakanishi
    Forensic Toxicology Springer Science and Business Media LLC 40 (2) 393 - 399 1860-8965 2022/01 [Refereed]
  • Yasuhiro Morikawa; Miku Hirabara; Keiji Nishiwaki; Shigeo Suzuki; Isao Nakanishi
    Materials Advances Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) 2 (18) 6104 - 6111 2021/08 [Refereed]
    A new cyanide ion sensor with a large Stokes shift and a good fluorescence quantum yield was prepared.
  • Yasuhiro Morikawa; Keiji Nishiwaki; Shigeo Suzuki; Naoyuki Yasaka; Yuto Okada; Isao Nakanishi
    Analyst Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) 145 (23) 7759 - 7764 0003-2654 2020/11 [Refereed]

    A chemosensor for cyanide in blood that can be analyzed at low cost and in the field was developed.

  • Kouichi MATSUMOTO; Masahiro MATSUMOTO; Terumasa HAYASHI; Masahiko MAEKAWA; Keiji NISHIWAKI; Shigenori KASHIMURA
    Electrochemistry The Electrochemical Society of Japan 88 (4) 314 - 320 1344-3542 2020/07 [Refereed]
  • Kazuhiko Matsuo; Shota Hatanaka; Yuta Kimura; Yuta Hara; Keiji Nishiwaki; Ying-Shu Quan; Fumio Kamiyama; Naoki Oiso; Akira Kawada; Kenji Kabashima; Takashi Nakayama
    Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Elsevier BV 109 1437 - 1444 0753-3322 2019/01 [Refereed]
  • Kazuhiko Matsuo; Daisuke Nagakubo; Yuhei Komori; Shun Fujisato; Natsumi Takeda; Mizuki Kitamatsu; Keiji Nishiwaki; Ying-Shu Quan; Fumio Kamiyama; Naoki Oiso; Akira Kawada; Osamu Yoshie; Takashi Nakayama
    The Journal of investigative dermatology 138 (8) 1764 - 1773 0022-202X 2018/08 [Refereed]
    Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease involving T-helper (Th) 2 cells, eosinophils, and mast cells. Although CCR4 is a major chemokine receptor expressed on Th2 cells and regarded as a potential therapeutic target for allergic diseases, its role in atopic dermatitis remains unclear. Here, by using a hydrogel patch as a transcutaneous delivery device for ovalbumin (an antigen) and Staphylococcus aureus δ-toxin (a mast cell activator), we efficiently induced acute atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions in BALB/c mice, a strain prone to Th2 responses, which were characterized by increased numbers of eosinophils, mast cells, and CCR4-expressing Th2 cells in the skin lesions; elevated levels of total and ovalbumin-specific IgE in the sera; and increased expression of IL-4, IL-17A, IL-22, CCL17, CCL22, and CCR4 in the skin lesions. Of note, the same model was less efficient in C57BL/6 mice, a strain prone to Th1 responses. Using this atopic dermatitis model in BALB/c mice, we demonstrated that CCR4-deficiency or a CCR4 antagonist ameliorated the allergic responses. Collectively, these results demonstrate that CCR4 plays a pivotal role in skin allergic inflammation of BALB/c mice by recruiting CCR4-expressing Th2 cells and Th17 cells.
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Kanae Ohigashi; Takahiro Deguchi; Kazuya Murata; Shinya Nakamura; Hideaki Matsuda; Isao Nakanishi
    Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin 66 (7) 741 - 747 0009-2363 2018/07 [Refereed]
    Hydroxychavicol (HC), which is obtained from the leaves of Piper betle LINN. (Piperaceae), inhibits xanthine oxidase (XO) with an IC50 value of 16.7 µM, making it more potent than the clinically used allopurinol (IC50=30.7 µM). Herein, a structure-activity relationship analysis of the polar part analogs of HC was conducted and an inhibitor was discovered with a potency 13 times that of HC. Kinetic studies have revealed that HC and its active analog inhibit XO in an uncompetitive manner. The binding structure prediction of these inhibitor molecules to the XO complex with xanthine suggested that both compounds (HC and its analog) could simultaneously form hydrogen bonds with xanthine and XO.
  • Shinya Yamamoto; Kazuhiko Matsuo; Daisuke Nagakubo; Shintaro Higashiyama; Keiji Nishiwaki; Naoki Oiso; Akira Kawada; Osamu Yoshie; Takashi Nakayama
    Journal of pharmacological sciences 136 (3) 165 - 171 1347-8613 2018/03 [Refereed]
    CCR4 is a major chemokine receptor expressed by Treg cells that downregulate immune responses. Here, we investigated the role of CCR4-mediated Treg cell recruitment in antigen-specific immune responses. CCR4-deficient mice immunized intramuscularly with ovalbumin (OVA) showed enhanced OVA-specific IgG responses. Furthermore, intramuscular administration of OVA induced the expression of MDC/CCL22, a ligand for CCR4, in macrophages of the muscle tissues, and enhanced the recruitment of CCR4+ Treg cells in wild-type mice, whereas this recruitment of Treg cells was severely impaired in CCR4-deficient mice. Furthermore, OVA-loaded dendritic cells (DCs) derived from the muscle injection site of CCR4-deficient mice had an upregulated expression of the DC activation marker CD40 and 86, and the lymphoid organ homing receptor CCR7 resulting in an increased number of migratory DCs in the regional lymph node. Compound 22, a CCR4 antagonist, also inhibited the recruitment of Treg cells to the muscle tissue, and further enhanced DC activation and homing to the regional lymph node. Consequently, Compound 22 enhanced OVA-specific IgG responses, and the expression levels of IL-4 and IFN-γ in CD4+ T cells and the levels of IFN-γ in CD8+ T cells. Finally, intramuscular administration of OVA and Compound 22 significantly inhibited the growth of OVA-expressing tumors. Collectively, CCR4 plays a pivotal role in Treg cell recruitment to the muscle tissue, and intramuscular administration of CCR4 antagonists may be a promising approach for enhancing vaccine efficacy.
  • Kouichi Matsumoto; Rina Yanagi; Kouji Yamaguchi; Erin Hayashi; Eri Yasuda; Toshiki Nokami; Keiji Nishiwaki; Shigenori Kashimura; Kaho Kuriyama
    HETEROCYCLES The Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry 96 (8) 1363 - 1363 0385-5414 2018 [Refereed]
  • Toru Otori; Sumio Matzno; Atushi Kawase; Masahiro Iwaki; Tetsutaro Kimachi; Keiji Nishiwaki; William C. Figoni; Ryuta Tominaga; Mai Asahide; Mayumi Nishikata; Yoshikazu Ishii; Kenji Matsuyama
    JOURNAL OF PHARMACY AND PHARMACOLOGY WILEY-BLACKWELL 68 (12) 1527 - 1534 0022-3573 2016/12 [Refereed]
    ObjectivesTo avoid the chelate formation between levofloxacin (LVFX) and aluminium hydroxide in gastrointestinal tract, an ethoxycarbonyl 1-ethyl hemiacetal ester of levofloxacin (LVFX-EHE) was synthesised as a prodrug. MethodsThe effects of aluminium hydroxide on the bioavailability of LVFX following oral administration of LVFX-EHE were investigated in rats. Furthermore, the effects of aluminium hydroxide on small intestinal absorption of LVFX and LVFX-EHE when subjected to a hydrolysis experiment using in situ everted gut sac were investigated, and the minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of LVFX and LVFX-EHE for various intestinal bacteria were measured. Key findingsWhen LVFX-EHE was co-administered with and without aluminium hydroxide, the AUC(0-4 h) values of LVFX hydrolysed from LVFX-EHE were similar to that of LVFX alone. In everted gut sac experiments, LVFX-EHE was efficiently absorbed even in the presence of aluminium ions after 1 h of incubation, whereas the absorption of LVFX decreased significantly in the presence of aluminium ions. MIC values of LVFX-EHE were far higher than LVFX. ConclusionsThis study suggests the benefit of ethoxycarbonyl 1-ethyl hemiacetal esterification of the carboxyl group of new quinolone as a prodrug which is able to avoid chelate formation.
  • Kazuhiko Matsuo; Tatsuki Itoh; Atsushi Koyama; Reira Imamura; Shiori Kawai; Keiji Nishiwaki; Naoki Oiso; Akira Kawada; Osamu Yoshie; Takashi Nakayama
    Cancer letters 378 (1) 16 - 22 2016/08 [Refereed]
    CCR4 is a major chemokine receptor expressed by Treg cells and Th17 cells. While Treg cells are known to suppress antitumor immunity, Th17 cells have recently been shown to enhance the induction of antitumor cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Here, CCR4-deficient mice displayed enhanced tumor growth upon intradermal inoculation of B16-F10 melanoma cells. In CCR4-deficient mice, while IFN-γ+CD8+ effector T cells were decreased in tumor sites, IFN-γ+CD8+ T cells and Th17 cells were decreased in regional lymph nodes. In wild-type mice, CD4+IL-17A+ cells, which were identified as CCR4+CD44+ memory Th17, were found to be clustered around dendritic cells expressing MDC/CCL22, a ligand for CCR4, in regional lymph nodes. Compound 22, a CCR4 antagonist, also enhanced tumor growth and decreased Th17 cells in regional lymph nodes in tumor-bearing mice treated with Dacarbazine. In contrast, CCR6 deficiency did not affect the tumor growth and the numbers of Th17 cells in regional lymph nodes. These findings indicate that CCR4 is critically involved in regional lymph node DC-Th17 cell interactions that are necessary for Th17 cell-mediated induction of antitumor CD8+ effector T cells in mice bearing B16 melanoma.
  • Isao Nakanishi; Katsumi Murata; Naoya Nagata; Masakuni Kurono; Takayoshi Kinoshita; Misato Yasue; Takako Miyazaki; Yoshinori Takei; Shinya Nakamura; Atsushi Sakurai; Nobuko Iwamoto; Keiji Nishiwaki; Tetsuko Nakaniwa; Yusuke Sekiguchi; Akira Hirasawa; Gozoh Tsujimoto; Kazuo Kitaura
    Novel protein kinase CK2 inhibitors were identified using the solvent dipole ordering virtual screening method. A total of 26 compounds categorized in 15 distinct scaffold classes inhibited greater than 50% of enzyme activity at 50 mu M, and eight exhibited IC50 values less than 10 mu M. Most of the identified compounds are lead-like and dissimilar to known inhibitors. The crystal structures of two of the CK2 complexes revealed the high accuracy of the predicted binding modes. (C) 2015 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.
  • Yu Miyamoto; Yuki Yamada; Hayato Shimazaki; Kazuaki Shimada; Toshiki Nokami; Keiji Nishiwaki; Shigenori Kashimufta; Kouichi Matsumoto
    ELECTROCHEMISTRY ELECTROCHEMICAL SOC JAPAN 83 (3) 161 - 164 1344-3542 2015/03 [Refereed]
    Esterification of carboxylic acids with alkyl halides using electroreduction has been investigated. The reaction of carboxylic acids, such as benzoic acid, 3-phenylpropanoic acid, nonanoic acid, cinnamic acid, and 1-naphthoic acid, under electrochemical reduction conditions followed by the addition of alkyl halides afforded the corresponding esters in moderate to good yields. The reactions proceeded via the S(N)2 mechanism of the alkyl halide, with the carboxylate ion bearing the ammonium ion as the counter cation, which was generated and accumulated from the carboxylic acid. The generation of the carboxylate ion intermediate is essential, and it appears to have high reactivity because the counter cation of the carboxylate ion intermediate is an ammonium ion. (C) The Electrochemical Society of Japan, All rights reserved.
  • YAMAMOTO Sachio; IWATA Tomoyuki; NISHIWAKI Keiji; KINOSHITA Mitsuhiro; SUZUKI Shigeo
    CHROMATOGRAPHY The Society for Chromatographic Sciences 36 (3) 93 - 98 1342-8284 2015 [Refereed]
    In this work, quaternary ammonium group-modified celluloses (QCs) were homogeneously synthesized by reacting cellulose with 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride in NaOH/urea solutions. The structure and solution properties of the QCs were characterized by elemental analysis, FT/IR, 1H-NMR, and size exclusion chromatography. The results show that water-soluble QCs, with degree of substitution values, defined as the substitution of free hydroxyl groups of cellulose, 0.49– 0.72 and molecular weight 21–66 kDa could be obtained by optimizing the reaction time. The synthesized QCs were tested for protein separation as physically adsorbed coatings in capillary electrophoresis. Among the derivatives studied, quaternary ammonium cellulose showed rapid electroosmotic mobility and effective suppression of protein adsorption. The EOF can be manipulated for various applications by using QCs with different molecular weight. Because the reversed EOF can be obtained over a broad pH range, it is possible to separate basic, neutral, and acidic proteins under physiological conditions. Eight proteins; lysozyme, ribonuclease A, cytochrome C, α-chymotrypsinogen, α-lactalbumin, ovalbumin, transferrin, and myoglobin were baseline separated within 25 min by 25 mM sodium phosphate buffers (pH 7.0) containing 100 µg/mL QC.
  • Kouichi Matsumoto; Hayato Shimazaki; Yu Miyamoto; Kazuaki Shimada; Fumi Haga; Yuki Yamada; Hirotsugu Miyazawa; Keiji Nishiwaki; Shigenori Kashimura
    JOURNAL OF OLEO SCIENCE JAPAN OIL CHEMISTS SOC 63 (5) 539 - 544 1345-8957 2014/05 [Refereed]
    A simple and convenient method has been developed for the synthesis of esters from the corresponding carboxylic acids and alkyl halides by using a stoichiometric amount of tetrabutylammonium fluoride (Bu4NF) as the base. The reaction of carboxylic acids and a Bu4NF/THF solution in DMF or THF as the solvent generates carboxylate ions in situ. The carboxylate ions thus generated and accumulated are highly reactive. They are then allowed to react with alkyl halides as the electrophiles, and afford the corresponding esters in moderate to good yields. The reaction without Bu4NF does not afford any product; therefore, Bu4NF seems to play an important role as the base in these reactions. A bulky countercation such as the tetrabutylammonium cation seems to increase the reactivity of the carboxylate ions in the solution phase.
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Atsushi Kawase; Tetsuyuki Wada; Hideki Yagi; Naohito Kawasaki; Eiji Ito; Masahiro Iwaki
    We conducted team-based learning (TBL) with interdisciplinary lectures as a part of "Introduction to Pharmacy", divided among the pharmacy department's six pharmacist education curricula in the first semester. The interdisciplinary lecture is led by seven lecturers, each specializing in one area: cell biology, biochemistry, chemistry, public health pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and clinical science. This lecture's purpose is to demonstrate to the students that all field subjects relate to each other and they must learn the basic science subjects to understand pharmaceutical sciences. The TBL contents have two themes, "cancer" and "aspirin", each of which had two lectures, each 90 minutes long and were conducted using TBL as expansive learning. On receiving knowledge of a wide range of fields in one lecture, a small number of students indicated that they were unable to understand the contents very well. However, in the questionnaire about TBL, many students reported "I have understood" and "I have enjoyed studying" using TBL, especially group readiness assessment test (GRAT). By incorporating TBL, they reported "increasing eagerness to learn pharmacy". Overall, students seem to have accepted TBL favorably, but they still find peer review difficult. We believe that their discomfort with peer review results from their unfamiliarity in evaluating others, and the time before the evaluation is short because TBL is conducted only twice.
  • Keizo Matsuo; Junko Hikita; Keiji Nishiwaki
    HETEROCYCLES The Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry 83 (11) 2601 - 2601 0385-5414 2011 [Refereed]
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Azusa Okamoto; Keizo Matsuo; Yosuke Kawaguchi; Yoshio Hayase; Katsuaki Ohba
    BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 15 (8) 2856 - 2859 0968-0896 2007/04 [Refereed]
    The antimalarial activity of 1-aryl-3,3-dialkyltriazenes to Plasmodium berghei NK-65 in infected mice was evaluated at an intraperitoneal dose of 100 mg/kgbw. Some of these compounds were found to possess potent antimalarial activity. (c) 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Azusa Okamoto; Keizo Matsuo; Yoshio Hayase; Shunichiro Masaki; Riichi Hasegawa; Katsuaki Ohba
    BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 15 (3) 1341 - 1345 0968-0896 2007/02 [Refereed]
    Tetrahydrobenzotriazines, a novel class of heterocyclic compounds, were synthesized. Examination of their biological activities resulted in the discovery that some of them possess potent nematocidal activity. (c) 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Atsushi Taga; Masako Yamaya; Yusuke Morita; Yukiko Suzuki; Susumu Honda; Keizo Matsuo
    CHEMISTRY LETTERS CHEMICAL SOC JAPAN 35 (12) 1418 - 1419 0366-7022 2006/12 [Refereed]
    The triazene compound {2,2'-[3-(4-methoxyphenyl)triaz-2-ene-1,1-diyl]diethanol} was utilized for the high sensitive and quantitative detection of ferric ion.
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Takashi Ogawa; Ken-ichi Tagami; Genzoh Tanabe; Osamu Muraoka; Keizo Matsuo
    TETRAHEDRON PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 62 (47) 10854 - 10858 0040-4020 2006/11 [Refereed]
    We are reporting on a new method of constructing dearomatized compounds from alpha-substituted aryltriazenes. Deprotonation occurs at C atom alpha to N3. Nucleophilic attack of generated anion at the ortho-position of aryl group forms a new carbon-carbon bond. A stereoselective reaction was observed when the substituents on the C alpha to N3 are tied together in either a pyrrolidine or a piperidine. The product of this reaction possessed an interesting dearomatized tetrahydrobenzotriazine framework. (c) 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Keizo Matsuo; Masaru Kanayama; Keiji Nishiwaki
    HETEROCYCLES PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 68 (7) 1401 - 1407 0385-5414 2006/07 [Refereed]
    (-)Plakolide A, an alpha-exomethylene-gamma-butyrolactone isolated from the marine sponge Plakortis sp., was synthesized starting from (R)-lactic acid by applying the chiral self-reproduction procedure.
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Takashi Ogawa; Kazumi Shigeta; Koichi Takahashi; Keizo Matsuo
    TETRAHEDRON PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 62 (29) 7034 - 7042 0040-4020 2006/07 [Refereed]
    A new approach to benzylamines using triazene compounds has been developed that is facilitated by the lithiation of aryltriazenes followed by treatment with an electrophile. The regioselectivity of the reaction can be controlled by means of the substituents in the aryl group. The reaction contains the following steps: intramolecular carbon-carbon bond formation involving lithiation of an alkyl group on a 3-nitrogen atom; a 1,2-proton shift; and the subsequent release of nitrogen gas. Through the use of a deuterated triazene, we were able to determine that the reaction proceeds through a 1,2-proton shift. (c) 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Keizo Matsuo; Masaru Kanayama; Keiji Nishiwaki
    HETEROCYCLES The Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry 68 (2) 233 - 233 0385-5414 2006 [Refereed]
  • Keizo Matsuo; Masaru Kanayama; Jin Yi Xu; Rie Takeuchi; Keiji Nishiwaki; Yukihiro Asaka
    HETEROCYCLES The Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry 65 (7) 1609 - 1609 0385-5414 2005 [Refereed]
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Takashi Ogawa; Keizo Matsuo
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition Wiley 41 (3) 484 - 486 1433-7851 2002/02 [Refereed]
  • LI Hongqi; NISHIWAKI Keiji; ITAMI Kenichiro; YOSHIDA Jun-ichi
    Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. The Chemical Society of Japan 74 (9) 1717 - 1725 0009-2673 2001/09 [Refereed]
    Molecular orbital calculations revealed that the introduction of a silyl group onto the 2-position of 1,3-dithiole caused significant decrease of the ionization potential and that 2-silyl-1,3-dithioles served as a pseudo π-electron system. The silyl group could also be utilized as a bridge for linking π-electron systems to achieve artificial stacking. These concepts led us to the design and synthesis of silyl-substituted 1,3-benzodithioles as candidates for new electron donors. The oxidation potential of monosilyl-substituted 1,3-benzodithiole was found to be significantly less positive than that of the parent 1,3-benzodithiole. The introduction of the second silyl group caused further decrease of the oxidation potential. Compounds composed of two 1,3-benzodithiole units linked by a silyl group were also synthesized. These showed comparable oxidation potentials to those of the corresponding monomeric compounds. The effect of stannyl-substitution onto the 2-position of 1,3-dithiole was found to be larger than that of silyl-substitution. The effects of silyl- and stannyl-substitution for related systems such as thioanisole and 1,3-dithiane were also studied.
  • Keizo Matsuo; Yuji Ono; Atsutaka Seki; Hiroshi Hiroshi Kuwajima; Keiji Nishiwaki
    Heterocycles The Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry 53 (11) 2553 - 2560 0385-5414 2000/11 [Refereed]
  • Matsuo Keizo; Sugimura Wakiko; Shimizu Yumiko; Keiji Nishiwaki; Hiroshi Kuwajima
    Heterocycles Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry 53 (7) 1505 - 1513 0385-5414 2000/07 [Refereed]
  • Jun-Ichi Yoshida; Keiji Nishiwaki
    Journal of the Chemical Society - Dalton Transactions Royal Society of Chemistry 16 (16) 2589 - 2596 0300-9246 1998/08 [Refereed]
    The C-Si and C-Sn σ orbitals are higher in energy than C-H or C-C σ orbitals, and therefore can interact with neighboring π systems, non-bonding orbitals of heteroatoms, and other σ systems such as those of C-Si and C-Sn. Such interactions cause an increase of the HOMO level which in turn favors electron transfer. On the basis of this effect various types of redox selective reactions of organo-silicon and -tin compounds have been developed.
  • Keizo Matsuo; Takuya Matsumoto; Keiji Nishiwaki
    Heterocycles Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry 48 (6) 1213 - 1220 0385-5414 1998 [Refereed]
    (-)-Malyngolide, an antibiotic isolated from a blue-green algae, was synthesized starting from (-)-quinic acid.
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Jun-ichi Yoshida
    Chemistry Letters The Chemical Society of Japan 25 (9) 787 - 788 0366-7022 1996/09 [Refereed]
  • Keiji Nishiwaki; Jun-ichi Yoshida
    Chemistry Letters The Chemical Society of Japan 25 (2) 171 - 172 0366-7022 1996/02 [Refereed]
  • Jun-ichi Yoshida; Hidekazu Tsujishima; Kazunori Nakano; Toshiyuki Teramoto; Keiji Nishiwaki; Sachihiko Isoe
    Organometallics American Chemical Society (ACS) 14 (1) 567 - 569 0276-7333 1995/01 [Refereed]
  • Jun ichi Yoshida; Yuji Ishichi; Keiji Nishiwaki; Satoshi Shiozawa; Sachichiko Isoe
    Tetrahedron Letters 33 (18) 2599 - 2602 0040-4039 1992/04 [Refereed]
    The introduction of tin on the carbon adjacent to the oxygen of aliphatic ethers results in significant decrease in the oxidation potentials. The effect of tin is much larger than that observed for silicon. Preparative electrochemical oxidation of α-alkoxystannanes results in selective cleavage of the carbon-tin-bond and introduction of a nucleophile such as an alcohol onto the carbon. © 1992.


Books and other publications

  • Realisstic
    NISHIWAKI Keiji (Joint work)KYOTO HIROKAWA 2011/09

Lectures, oral presentations, etc.

  • 新規Cu2+イオン蛍光プローブの開発  [Not invited]
    西脇 敬二; 森川 泰裕
    日本薬学会第144年会  2024/03
  • Protein kinase CK2阻害活性を有するプリン誘導体の構造活性相関研究 —プリン環2位への種々の飽和炭化水素置換基の導入—  [Not invited]
    中谷 汐里; 中川 愛理; 吉岡 賢司; 西脇 敬二; 中村 真也; 露口 正人; 木下 誉富; 仲西 功
    日本薬学会第144年会  2024/03
  • 薬毒物試験法と注解 改訂に向けた検討 -Ⅱ-2 シアン化物・アジ化物試験法(2・2シアン化物)の改訂(新規試験法:ガスクロマトグラフィー/質量分析)  [Not invited]
    森川 泰裕; 西脇 敬二; 仲西 功; 荒木 直樹; 八坂 直幸; 塩見 和孝; 岡田 悠登
    日本薬学会第144年会  2024/03
  • Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of protein kinase CK2α inhibitors considering its crystal water  [Not invited]
    Keiji Nishiwaki; Shiori Nakatani; Shinya Nakamura; Kenji Yoshioka; Eri Nakagawa; Masato Tsuyuguchi; Takayoshi Kinoshita; Isao Nakanishi
    第40回メディシナルケミストリーシンポジウム  2023/11
  • Protein Kinase CK2阻害活性を有するプリン誘導体の構造活性相関研究 ―結合ポケット奥の結晶水を残すCK2阻害剤設計―  [Not invited]
    中谷 汐里; 中川 愛理; 吉岡 賢司; 西脇 敬二; 中村 真也; 露口 正人; 木下 誉富; 仲西 功
    日本薬学会 第143年会  2023/03
  • 1,2,3,3-テトラメチル-3H-インドリウムヨージドを用いた誘導体化GC/MS法による飲料中シアン化物イオンの分析  [Not invited]
    森川 泰裕; 西脇 敬二; 荒木 直樹; 八坂 直幸; 塩見 和孝; 岡田 悠登; 鈴木 茂生; 仲西 功
    日本薬学会 第143年会  2023/03
  • Protein Kinase CK2阻害活性を有するプリン誘導体の構造活性相関研究 ―環式飽和炭化水素置換基の導入―  [Not invited]
    中谷 汐里; 西脇 敬二; 中村 真也; 露口 正人; 木下 誉富; 仲西 功
    第72回 日本薬学会関西支部総会・大会  2022/10
  • Indoliumによる血中シアン誘導体化GC/MS法の開発  [Not invited]
    森川 泰裕; 荒木 直樹; 八坂 直幸; 岡田 悠登; 塩見 和孝; 西脇 敬二; 鈴木 茂生; 仲西 功
    第27回日本法科学技術学会  2021/11
  • 新規化学センサー フェノチアジン— ジアミノマレオニトリル化合物の合成と その金属イオンセンサーしての利用
    森川泰裕; 西脇敬二; 鈴木茂生; 仲西功
    第70回 日本薬学会関西支部大会  2021/10
  • 2-(5-bromo-2-pyridylazo)-5-[N-n-propyl-N-(3-sulfopropyl)amino]phenol -Pd錯体を用いた血中シアンの新規分析法の開発
    森川泰裕; 西脇敬二; 鈴木茂生; 荒木 直樹; 八坂 直幸; 岡田 悠登; 塩見 和孝; 仲西功
    日本分析化学会 第70年会  2021/09
  • 2,3-Naphthalenedialdehydeを用いる 血中シアン高感度簡易蛍光測定装置の開発
    森川泰裕; 鈴木茂生; 西脇敬二; 仲西功
    日本分析化学会 第70年会  2021/09
  • 2-(5-bromo-2-pyridylazo)-5-[N-n-propyl-N-(3-sulfopropyl)amino]phenol-Pd錯体を用いた血中シアンの吸光光度分析
    森川泰裕; 西脇敬二; 鈴木茂生; 仲西功
    第33 回バイオメディカル分析科学シンポジウム(京都)  2021/09
  • フェノチアジン―インドリウム化合物の合成と新たな蛍光CN−センサーへの利用  [Not invited]
    森川 泰裕; 平原 美玖; 西脇 敬二; 鈴木 茂生; 仲西 功
    日本薬学会第141年会(広島)  2021/03
  • メチルオレンジ―パラジウムシクロメタル化錯体 (MOP)のマルチアニオンセンサーとしての利用  [Not invited]
    森川 泰裕; 鈴木 茂生; 西脇 敬二; 仲西 功
    日本薬学会第141年会(広島)  2021/03
  • プリン骨格を有するCK2阻害剤の構造活性相関研究  [Not invited]
    河津有貴; 中川愛理; 吉岡賢司; 中村真也; 西脇敬二; 露口正人; 木下誉富; 仲西功
    第70回 日本薬学会関西支部大会  2020/10
  • Pyrazole骨格を有するCK2阻害剤の窒素スキャンによる構造活性・物性相関研究  [Not invited]
    奥村政輝; 中西伸介; 栗本泰奈; 西脇敬二; 中村真也; 大石真也; 大野浩章; 仲西功
    第70回 日本薬学会関西支部大会  2020/10
  • メチルオレンジ-パラジウムシクロメタル化錯体 (MOP)試験紙のシアン化物イオンおよび硫化物イオンへの選択的挙動  [Not invited]
    森川 泰裕; 西脇 敬二; 仲西 功; 鈴木 茂生
    日本分析化学会第69年会  2020/09
  • シクロデキストリン-フェノバルビタールおよびシクロバルビタール複合体形成時の熱力学プロファイル差の解析  [Not invited]
    仲西功; 酒井優香; 本田悠佳; 西野菜月; 谷口奈津子; 佐藤真紀; 神山匡; 西脇敬二
    日本薬学会第140年会(京都)  2020/03
  • プリン骨格を有するCK2阻害剤の構造活性相関研究ープリン骨格の互変異性の検討ー  [Not invited]
    河津有貴; 中川愛理; 吉岡賢司; 中村真也; 西脇敬二; 露口正人; 木下誉富; 仲西功
    日本薬学会第140年会(京都)  2020/03
  • Pyrazole骨格を有する;阻害剤の構造活性相関研究;フッ素導入による活性および溶解性の変化  [Not invited]
    釘宮将也; 山口諒; 西脇敬二; 中村真也; 仲西功
    日本薬学会第140年会(京都)  2020/03
  • Pyrazole骨格を有するCK2阻害剤の窒素スキャンによる構造活性・物性相関研究  [Not invited]
    奥村政輝; 中西伸介; 西脇敬二; 中村真也; 大石真也; 大野浩章; 仲西功
    日本薬学会第140年会(京都)  2020/03
  • プリンス環化反応を用いた連続的な環形成とハロゲンの導入反応  [Not invited]
    松本浩一; 大塚啓将; 安田恵梨; 栗山夏帆; 野上敏材; 西脇敬二; 柏村成史
    日本化学会第100春季年会(千葉)  2020/03
  • クロロトリメチルシランを添加剤に用いた Mg電極還元によるアントラセンとエステルからの付加・環化反応  [Not invited]
    松本将宏; 林輝昌; 前川雅彦; 西脇敬二; 柏村 成史; 松本 浩一
    電気化学会第87回大会(名古屋)  2020/03
  • シクロデキストリン-フェノバルビタールおよびシクロバルビタール複合体形成時の熱力学プロファイルの解析  [Not invited]
    仲西功; 酒井優香; 本田悠佳; 西野菜月; 谷口奈津子; 佐藤 真紀; 神山匡; 西脇敬二
    第55回熱測定討論会  2019/10
  • pyrazole骨格を有するCK2阻害剤の構造活性相関研究 ―フッ素導入による活性および溶解性の変化―
    釘宮将也; 山口 諒; 中村真也; 西脇敬二; 仲西功
    第69回日本薬学会関西支部総会・大会  2019/10
  • プリン骨格を有するCK2阻害剤の構造活性相関研究―プリン骨格の互変異性の検討―
    河津有貴; 中川愛理; 吉岡賢司; 中村真也; 西脇敬二; 露口正人; 木下誉富; 仲西功
    第69回日本薬学会関西支部総会・大会  2019/10
  • Pyrazole骨格を有するCK2阻害剤の窒素スキャンによる構造活性・物性相関研究  [Not invited]
    奥村政輝; 中西伸介; 西脇敬二; 中村真也; 大石真也; 大野浩章; 仲西功
    第69回日本薬学会関西支部総会・大会  2019/10
  • ヘテロ環アゾ化合物-金属錯体を用いたシアン化物イオンの選択的比色分析  [Not invited]
    森川泰裕; 八坂直幸; 岡田悠登; 井田博之; 塩見 和孝; 西脇敬二; 仲西功; 鈴木茂生
    日本分析化学会第68年会  2019/09
  • アリルアレーン類の陽極臭素化と陰極でのカルボン酸イオンの発生を組み合わせた置換アリル化合物の合成  [Not invited]
    松本 浩一; 細川 仁美; 林 周平; 壬生 託人; 伊丹 紗代; 宮本 侑; 野上 敏材; 西脇 敬二; 柏村 成史
    電気化学会第86回大会(京都)  2019/03
  • 非共役ジエンアルコールを用いたプリンス環化反応によるハロゲンを導入した2環式化合物の合成  [Not invited]
    松本 浩一; 安田 恵梨; 柳 里奈; 山口 航志; 林 映倫; 栗山 夏帆; 野上 敏材; 西脇 敬二; 柏村 成史
    電気化学会第86回大会(京都)  2019/03
  • 連続的なプリンス環化反応によるハロゲンを含む二環式化合物の合成  [Not invited]
    松本 浩一; 安田 恵梨; 柳 里奈; 山口 航志; 林 映倫; 栗山 夏帆; 野上 敏材; 西脇 敬二; 柏村 成史
    2018 ハロゲン利用ミニシンポジウム(第11回臭素化学懇話会年会 in 和歌山)  2018/12
  • プリン骨格を有する新規CK2阻害剤の設計、合成と活性測定  [Not invited]
    吉岡賢司; 中川愛理; 谷口誠哉; 露口正人; 木下誉富; 西脇敬二; 中村真也; 仲西功
    第36回メディシナルケミストリーシンポジウム(京都)  2018/11
  • Sequential Reaction of Aldehyde and Non-Conjugated Diene Alcohol Involving Prins Cyclization and Fluorination.  [Not invited]
    Matsumoto K; Yanagi R; Yamaguchi K; Hayashi E; Yasuda E; Kuriyama K; Nokami T; Nishiwaki K; Kashimura S
    The 13th International Symposium on Organic Reactions (Hsinchu, Taiwan)  2018/11
  • プリン骨格を有するCK2阻害剤における置換基位置の変換による結合様式の大きな変化  [Not invited]
    河津有貴; 中川愛理; 吉岡賢司; 西脇敬二; 中村真也; 露口正人; 木下誉富; 仲西功
    第68回 日本薬学会近畿支部総会・大会(姫路)  2018/10
  • ピラゾール骨格を有する新規CK2阻害剤の窒素スキャンによる構造活性相関研究  [Not invited]
    西尾政輝; 中西伸介; 西脇敬二; 中村真也; 露口正人; 木下誉富; 大石真也; 大野浩章; 仲西功
    第68回 日本薬学会近畿支部総会・大会(姫路)  2018/10
  • Hydroxychavicol をシードとした XO 阻害化合物の探索研究  [Not invited]
    西脇敬二; 出口貴浩; 大東可苗; 畑悠佑; 中村真也; 村田和也; 松田秀秋; 仲西功
    日本薬学会第137年会  2017/03
  • CCR4 阻害剤は Treg の筋肉組織への遊走を阻害することでワクチン効果を向上させる  [Not invited]
    東山 慎太郎; 松尾 一彦; 松永 奈緒子; 山田 祐毅; 西脇 敬二; 義江 修; 中山 隆志
    日本薬学会第137年会  2017/03
  • CCR4 欠損マウスおよび CCR6 欠損マウスを用いたイミキモド誘発性乾癬の解析  [Not invited]
    伊藤 茉奈; 松尾 一彦; 長沼 孝典; 西脇 敬二; 義江 修; 中山 隆志
    日本薬学会第137年会  2017/03
  • ケモカイン受容体 CCR4 の欠損はアトピー様皮膚炎の病態を改善させる  [Not invited]
    木村 勇太; 松尾 一彦; 小森 悠平; 畑中 翔太; 西脇 敬二; 義江 修; 中山 隆志
    日本薬学会第137年会  2017/03
  • ケモカイン受容体 CCR4 の欠損はメラノーマ担癌モデルマウスの病態を増悪させる  [Not invited]
    高橋 周平; 松尾 一彦; 小山 篤; 西脇 敬二; 義江 修; 中山 隆志
    日本薬学会第137年会  2017/03
  • ルイス酸を用いたPrins 環化反応による含フッ素2環式化合物の合成  [Not invited]
    松本 浩一; 柳 里奈; 山口 航志; 野上 敏材; 西脇 敬二; 柏村 成史
    日本化学会第97春季年会  2017/03
  • 陽極酸化と陰極還元により生じる活性種を活用した置換アリル化合物の効率合成  [Not invited]
    松本浩一; 壬生托人; 伊丹紗代; 宮本 侑; 野上敏材; 西脇敬二; 柏村成史
    第9回臭素化学懇話会年会 in 佐賀  2016/11
  • 電解酸化を用いたPrins 環化反応による含フッ素2環式化合物の合成  [Not invited]
    松本 浩一; 柳 里奈; 山口 航志; 野上 敏材; 西脇 敬二; 柏村 成史
    第6回CS化学Jフェスタ  2016/11
  • Homology modeling of CCR4 and its evaluation based on the structure-activity relationship.  [Not invited]
    Keiji Nishiwaki; Masashi Fujimoto; Shinya Nakamura; Isao Nakanishi
    21st EuroQSAR  2016/09
  • 蛍光剤によるグリース膜厚さ計測に関する研究  [Not invited]
    東﨑康嘉; 岩松宏樹; 赤澤加 奈子; 西脇敬二; 近藤良太; 向井嘉宏
    トライボロジー会議2016 春  2016/05
  • Synthesis of Fluorinated Tetrahydropyrans via Prins Cyclization of Aldehydes and Homoallylic Alcohols Using Electrochemical Oxidation  [Not invited]
    The 12th International Symposium on Organic Reactions (ISOR-12)  2016/04
  • Analysis of the questionnaire survey on the continuing education seminar 2010 at Kinki University Faculty of Pharmacy  [Not invited]
    島倉 知里; 松野 純男; 八軒 浩子; 髙田 充隆; 伊藤 栄次; 西脇 敬二; 掛樋 一晃; 森本佳明
    日本薬学会第131年会  2011/03  静岡  日本薬学会第131年会
    【目的】近畿大学薬学部は近畿大学薬友会(同窓会)と協力し,卒業生を含む薬剤師が薬の専門家として高い水準を維持し続けることを目的として平成5年度から「生涯教育研修会」を開催している。研修会のプログラムは,前年度受講者のアンケートを元にその時々の変化に応じた課題をテーマとして取り上げているが,さらに受講生に有意義な研修会を目指して,多変量解析により詳細なアンケート分析を行う事とした。 【方法】学生を除く研修会受講者を対象に無記名にてアンケート調査を実施,その結果を集計し,多変量解析手法を用いて受講者の特徴などについて解析した。 【結果と考察】平成21年度のアンケートについて主成分分析を行った結果,「内容についての理解度」,「テーマに対する興味」,「新しく得た知識の量」,「業務に対して役立つ程度」の4項目の間には正の相関があった。また,積極的な方法で研修会を知った受講者ほど受講料を安いと感じ,受動的
  • フロベンゾジアゼピンおよびフロベンゾチアゼピン類の合成  [Not invited]
    松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二
    日本薬学会第130年会  2010/03  岡山  日本薬学会第130年会
  • エノキサシンキレート子のピボキシルエステル化による金属含有制酸剤併用時の血中エノキサシン濃度への影響  [Not invited]
    岩城 正宏; 大鳥 徹; 西脇 敬二; 川瀬 篤史; 今仲 洸; 沖吉慶子; 岡本佳世; 瀬川雅彦
    第20回日本医療薬学会  2010  第20回日本医療薬学会
  • 平成21年度近畿大学薬学部生涯教育研修会受講者に対するアンケート結果の解析  [Not invited]
    島倉 知里; 松野 純男; 髙田 充隆; 伊藤 栄次; 西脇 敬二; 松田 秀秋; 掛樋 一晃; 森本佳明
    第60回日本薬学会近畿支部総会・大会  2010  摂南大学  第60回日本薬学会近畿支部総会・大会
    【目的】近畿大学薬学部は近畿大学薬友会(同窓会)と協力し,卒業生を含む薬剤師が薬の専門家として高い水準を維持し続けることを目的とし,その時々の変化に応じた課題をテーマとして取り上げ,平成5年度から「生涯教育研修会」を開催している。研修会のプログラムは,前年度受講者のアンケートを元に作成している。このアンケート結果を分析することにより,受講生にとってさらに有意義な研修会を開催できると考え,今回解析を行った。 【方法】2009年9月から11月の間に3回開催した研修会の受講者合計1,846名を対象に無記名にてアンケート調査を実施,その結果を集計し,多変量解析手法を用いて受講者の特徴などについて解析した。 【結果と考察】合計391名からの回答があった。 アンケートの主成分分析を行った結果,薬学部ホームページや日本薬剤師研修会ホームページなど積極的な方法で研修会を知った受講者ほど受講料を安いと感じ,知人からの紹介,職場
  • ケショウシメジ(Tricholoma orirubenens)から単離されたヒアルロン酸分解酵素阻害活性成分Orirubenone類の合成研究  [Not invited]
    松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二
    第3回食品薬学シンポジウム  2009/10  大阪  第3回食品薬学シンポジウム
  • Orirubenone Bの全合成研究  [Not invited]
    松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二
    第59会日本薬学会近畿支部大会  2009/10  大阪  第59会日本薬学会近畿支部大会
  • (-)-Sporochnol Aの合成研究  [Not invited]
    松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二
    日本薬学会第129年会  2009/03  日本薬学会第129年会
  • Orirubenone Cの合成  [Not invited]
    松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二
    日本薬学会第128年会  2008/03  横浜  日本薬学会第128年会
  • Orirubenone Cの合成  [Not invited]
    松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二
    日本薬学会第127年会  2007/03  富山  日本薬学会第127年会
  • iNOS阻害活性を有する(-)-plakolide Aの合成とその絶対立体配置の修正  [Not invited]
    松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二
    2006/11  横浜
  • (S)-Plakolide Aの合成ならびに(-)-plakolide Aの絶対立体配置の修正  [Not invited]
    松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二
    日本薬学会第126年会  2006/03  仙台  日本薬学会第126年会
  • (S)-Gregatin B の合成  [Not invited]
    松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二; 浅香 征洋
    日本薬学会第125年会  2005/03  日本薬学会第125年会
  • キャピラリー電気泳動による重金属類の高感度検出  [Not invited]
    多賀 淳; 本田 進; 松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二; 山谷 雅子
    日本薬学会第125年会  2005/03  東京  日本薬学会第125年会
  • インキャピラリー試料濃縮による金属イオンの超微量検出―UV検出用新規キレート試薬3,3-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)triazeneの利用―  [Not invited]
    多賀 淳; 本田 進; 松尾 圭造; 西脇 敬二; 鈴木 有希子
    第15回クロマトグラフィー科学会議  2004/11  東京  第15回クロマトグラフィー科学会議
  • The serch of the bioactivity of new heterocycle tetrahydrobenzotriazines(Part2: Nematocidal activity)  [Not invited]
    西脇 敬二; 岡本あずさ; 松尾 圭造
    第52回日本薬学会近畿支部総会・大会(大阪)  2002/10  第52回日本薬学会近畿支部総会・大会(大阪)
  • The serch of the bioactivity of the new heterocycle tetrahydrobenzotriazines (Part 1: herbicidal activity)  [Not invited]
    西脇 敬二; 岡本あずさ; 松尾 圭造
    日本薬学会第 122 年会 (千葉)  2002/03  日本薬学会第 122 年会 (千葉)
    我々が合成に初めて成功した新規複素環テトラヒドロベンゾトリアジンを有する化合物について、 その生理活性の探索を種々を行なったところ、 その 1 つとして、 除草剤として有望な活性が見い出された。
  • 1 アリール 3, 3 ジアルキルトリアゼン化合物の脱窒素を伴う分子内炭素 炭素結合生成反応 (第 4 報:立体選択的反応の開発 その 2)  [Not invited]
    西脇 敬二; 泉祐輔; 松尾 圭造
    第 51 回日本薬学会近畿支部大会 (神戸)  2001/10  第 51 回日本薬学会近畿支部大会 (神戸)
    1 アリール 3, 3 ジアルキルトリアゼン化合物にキラルな配位子を共存させ、 反応を行ったところ、 生成物であるベンジルアミン誘導体に若干のエナンチオ選択性が見られた。 つまり分子間で不斉誘導が達成されたと考えられる。
  • Intramolecular C C bond formation with release of N2 from 1 aryl 3, 3 dial-kyltriazenes (Part 3: Development of stereoselective reactions)  [Not invited]
    西脇 敬二; 泉祐輔; 松尾 圭造
    日本薬学会第 121 年会 (札幌)  2001/03  日本薬学会第 121 年会 (札幌)
    1 アリール 3, 3 ジアルキルトリアゼン化合物に分子外及び分子内に不斉環境を導入し、 立体選択的分子内炭素-炭素結合生成反応の検討を行った。 その結果、 生成するベンジルアミン誘導体のベンジル位炭素の立体化学の制御が若干ながら可能となった。


  • Seminar of Drug Discovery InformaticsSeminar of Drug Discovery Informatics Kindai University
  • 物理科学実験Ⅱ物理科学実験Ⅱ Doshisha University
  • 医情報応用実験Ⅰ医情報応用実験Ⅰ Doshisha University
  • 医情報応用実験Ⅱ医情報応用実験Ⅱ Doshisha University
  • 医情報実験Ⅰ医情報実験Ⅰ Doshisha University
  • Structure-Activity RelationshipStructure-Activity Relationship Kindai University
  • English Exercise for ScientistsEnglish Exercise for Scientists Kindai University
  • Seminar of Global Research and Drug DevelopmentSeminar of Global Research and Drug Development Kindai University

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  • 有機合成化学協会   アメリカ化学会   日本薬学会   日本化学会   


  • 新規活性物質の合成

Research Themes

  • 日本学術振興会:科学研究費助成事業
    Date (from‐to) : 2000 -2001 
    Author : 西脇 敬二
  • 抗マラリア薬の開発
  • 生理活性物質の合成
  • トリアゼン化合物の新しい合成的利用の開発
  • Development of antimalarial drugs
  • Synthesis of bioactive compounds
  • Development of new synthetic utility of triazene compounds

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