ENDO Yuichi

    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Professor/Assistant General Manager
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  • Life sciences / Environmental and pharmaceutical development resources

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  • 2019/04 - Today  Kindai UniversityFaculty of Pharmacy教授
  • 1990/04 - 2019/03  株式会社ツムラ


  • 1988/04 - 1990/03  東北大学大学院  薬学研究科  博士課程前期
  • 1984/04 - 1988/03  Tohoku University  Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences  Department of Pharmacy

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  • Akitaka Yamasaki; Kumiko Maruyama‐Takahashi; Kento Nishida; Shogo Okazaki; Kouki Okita; Yasutoshi Akiyama; Hideaki Suzuki; Yuichi Endo; Kazue Masuko; Takashi Masuko; Yoshihisa Tomioka
    Genes to Cells Wiley 1356-9597 2023/02
  • Akitaka Yamasaki; Rikuto Miyake; Yuta Hara; Hideki Okuno; Takuya Imaida; Kouki Okita; Shogo Okazaki; Yasutoshi Akiyama; Kenji Hirotani; Yuichi Endo; Kazue Masuko; Takashi Masuko; Yoshihisa Tomioka
    Cancer Medicine Wiley 2045-7634 2023/02
  • Fukiko Hihara; Hiroki Matsumoto; Mitsuyoshi Yoshimoto; Takashi Masuko; Yuichi Endo; Chika Igarashi; Tomoko Tachibana; Mitsuhiro Shinada; Ming-Rong Zhang; Gene Kurosawa; Aya Sugyo; Atsushi B. Tsuji; Tatsuya Higashi; Hiroaki Kurihara; Makoto Ueno; Yukie Yoshii
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences MDPI AG 23 (10) 5807 - 5807 2022/05 
    Peritoneal dissemination of pancreatic cancer has a poor prognosis. We have reported that intraperitoneal radioimmunotherapy using a 64Cu-labeled antibody (64Cu-ipRIT) is a promising adjuvant therapy option to prevent this complication. To achieve personalized 64Cu-ipRIT, we developed a new in vitro tumor cell-binding assay (64Cu-TuBA) system with a panel containing nine candidate 64Cu-labeled antibodies targeting seven antigens (EGFR, HER2, HER3, TfR, EpCAM, LAT1, and CD98), which are reportedly overexpressed in patients with pancreatic cancer. We investigated the feasibility of 64Cu-TuBA to select the highest-binding antibody for individual cancer cell lines and predict the treatment response in vivo for 64Cu-ipRIT. 64Cu-TuBA was performed using six human pancreatic cancer cell lines. For three cell lines, an in vivo treatment study was performed with 64Cu-ipRIT using high-, middle-, or low-binding antibodies in each peritoneal dissemination mouse model. The high-binding antibodies significantly prolonged survival in each mouse model, while low-and middle-binding antibodies were ineffective. There was a correlation between in vitro cell binding and in vivo therapeutic efficacy. Our findings suggest that 64Cu-TuBA can be used for patient selection to enable personalized 64Cu-ipRIT. Tumor cells isolated from surgically resected tumor tissues would be suitable for analysis with the 64Cu-TuBA system in future clinical studies.
  • Kazuya Murata; Satomi Suzuki; Akane Miyamoto; Miki Horimoto; Suzuna Nanko; Daisuke Mori; Hiroshi Kanamaru; Yuichi Endo
    Separations MDPI AG 9 (5) 107 - 107 2022/04 
    The demand for skin-whitening agents is high across the world, including Asian countries. An extensive screening using a tyrosinase inhibition assay was performed in order to discover novel plant materials. In our research program investigating a safe and effective agent, 50% ethanolic extracts prepared from discarded parts of Prunus persica were screened for in vitro tyrosinase inhibitory activity. Among the extracts tested, twig extract showed the most potent inhibitory activity: 38% inhibition at 500 µg/mL. The investigation of active compounds in twig extract found four flavanones that acted as moderate inhibitors, including (−)-prunin, persiconin, (+)-dihydrokaempferol, and (−)-naringenin. These compounds were only observed in the twig extract following preliminary quantification by HPLC, with the following concentrations: (−)-prunin, 1.8 mg/g sample; persiconin, 0.8 mg/g sample; (+)-dihydrokaempferol, 0.8 mg/g sample; (−)-naringenin, 1.7 mg/g sample. These results suggest that twig extracts can be more useful for skin-whitening compared with other parts of the plant. In addition, a new constituent of twig extract was identified, namely isoquercitrin, which suggests that twig extract can be a potent source of flavones and flavanones. Further studies on the identification of novel compounds from twig extract are now underway in our laboratory.
  • K. Shimada-Takaura; A. Momoi; M. Hasuo; Y. Ishida; Y. Yamamoto; K. Tochimoto; K. Goto; H. Kakuto; D. Yamaoka; K. Takahashi; Y. Endo
    Acta Horticulturae International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) (1338) 357 - 364 0567-7572 2022/04 [Refereed]
  • 出口貴浩; 得永裕美子; 銭谷武司; 榎本雅夫; 村田和也; 遠藤雄一
    薬理と治療 ライフサイエンス出版(株) 49 (11) 1877 - 1887 0386-3603 2021/11 [Refereed]
    日ごろから鼻や目の不快感があり、症状緩和の目的で医薬品を常用していない成人男女80名を対象として、未熟ウンシュウミカン果実の乾燥粉末(CUP)を含有する食品(1日あたりhesperidin 215mg、narirutin 48mgを含有)を8週間連続摂取するランダム化二重盲検プラセボ対照並行群間比較試験を行い、被験食品の鼻や目の不快感に対する効果を検証した。摂取前、4週目、8週目のquality of life調査票、visual analogue scale調査票、医師所見、検査所見および鼻や目の不快感日誌を評価した。その結果、被験食品の8週間摂取によって鼻汁(鼻かみ回数)に起因する鼻の不快感が有意に軽減し、鼻汁中好酸球数の変化量は有意に大きかった。CUP含有食品は免疫応答を維持したまま鼻の不快感につながる炎症反応を抑制する可能性が示唆された。
  • 抗HER1、HER2分子標的薬との併用による、抗HER3抗体の親和性と癌細胞増殖阻害効果の増強
    沖田 鋼季; 杉浦 麗子; 山崎 晶貴; 加藤 和則; 遠藤 雄一; 益子 高
    日本癌学会総会記事 (一社)日本癌学会 80回 [P12 - 6] 0546-0476 2021/09
  • Kouki Okita; Kazuki Imai; Kazunori Kato; Reiko Sugiura; Yuichi Endo; Kazue Masuko; Yoshihisa Tomioka; Takashi Masuko
    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications Elsevier BV 576 59 - 65 0006-291X 2021/08 [Refereed]
    HER1-and HER2-targeted drugs are effective in cancer therapy, especially against lung, breast and colon malignancies; however, resistance of cancer cells to HER1-and HER2-targeted therapies is becoming a serious problem. The avidity/affinity constant (KA) and growth inhibitory effect of anti-HER3 rat monoclonal antibodies (mAb, Ab1∼Ab6) in the presence of therapeutic mAb or low-molecular-weight inhibitors against HER family proteins were analyzed by flow cytometry-based Scatchard plots (Splot) and cell proliferation assay. The KA of Ab3 and Ab6, but not Ab1 or Ab4, split into dual (high and low) modes of KA, and Ab6 exhibited greater anti-proliferative effects against LS-174T colon cancer cells in the presence of Pertuzumab (anti-HER2 mAb). A high KA by Ab6 and Ab6-mediated increased growth inhibition were observed against NCI-H1838 lung or BT474 breast cancer cells, respectively, in the presence of Panitumumab (anti-HER1 mAb) or Perutuzumab. A high KA by Ab6 and Ab6-mediated increased anti-proliferative effects against NCI-H1838 or BT474 were also respectively observed in the presence of Erlotinib (HER1 inhibitor) or Lapatinib (HER1/HER2 inhibitor). In HER1-knockout (KO) NCI-H1838, the reactivity and KA of Ab4 increased compared with in parent NCI-H1838. In HER1-KO or HER3-KO SW1116 colon cancer cells, dual modes of KA with Pertuzumab were noted, and the combination Ab6 and Pertuzumab promoted growth inhibition of HER1-KO, but not of parent SW1116.
  • Natsumi Hayashi; Akitaka Yamasaki; Shiho Ueda; Shogo Okazaki; Yoshiya Ohno; Toshiyuki Tanaka; Yuichi Endo; Yoshihisa Tomioka; Kazue Masuko; Takashi Masuko; Reiko Sugiura
    Oncotarget Impact Journals, LLC 12 (13) 1256 - 1270 2021/06 [Refereed]
    L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1)/SLC7A5 is the first identified CD98 light chain disulfide linked to the CD98 heavy chain (CD98hc/SLC3A2). LAT1 transports large neutral amino acids, including leucine, which activates mTOR, and is highly expressed in human cancers. We investigated the oncogenicity of human LAT1 introduced to NIH/3T3 cells by retrovirus infection. NIH/3T3 cell lines stably expressing human native (164C) or mutant (164S) LAT1 (naLAT1/3T3 or muLAT1/3T3, respectively) were established. We confirmed that endogenous mouse CD98hc forms a disulfide bond with exogenous human LAT1 in naLAT1/3T3, but not in muLAT1/3T3. Endogenous mouse CD98hc mRNA increased in both naNIH/3T3 and muLAT1/3T3, and a similar amount of exogenous human LAT1 protein was detected in both cell lines. Furthermore, naLAT1/3T3 and muLAT1/3T3 cell lines were evaluated for cell growth-related phenotypes (phosphorylation of ERK, cell-cycle progression) and cell malignancy-related phenotypes (anchorage-independent cell growth, tumor formation in nude mice). naLAT1/3T3 had stronger growth- and malignancy- related phenotypes than NIH/3T3 and muLAT1/3T3, suggesting the oncogenicity of native LAT1 through its interaction with CD98hc. Anti-LAT1 monoclonal antibodies significantly inhibited in vitro cell proliferation and in vivo tumor growth of naLAT1/3T3 cells in nude mice, demonstrating LAT1 to be a promising anti-cancer target.
  • Kimihisa Itoh; Tetsuya Matsukawa; Takahiro Deguchi; Momona Yamagami; Norimichi Tomohiro; Kazuya Murata; Shin’ichiro Kajiyama; Yuichi Endo; Hideaki Matsuda; Shigeru Shigeoka
    Journal of Plant Studies Canadian Center of Science and Education 10 (2) 1 - 7 1927-050X 2021/04 [Refereed]
    This study examines the effect of quantity sold (sales volume) on profitability of market participating smallholder farmers in northern Ghana. Market participation has been shown to be important for increasing incomes and improving production efficiency for farm households but still remains low in SSA. While agribusiness and development experts generally advocate for more intensive market participation, it is not clear if selling more results in more profits for smallholder farmers in remote markets that are prone to exorbitant transaction costs. The data used in this study is from the APS survey conducted in 2013 and 2014 in Northern Ghana which had a sample size of 527. The study is based on the theory of profit maximization, in which separability is inferred from observed market participation. OLS regression is used for empirical estimation after rejecting the hypothesis of endogeneity in the model. Mean gross margin/ kg across four groups of farmers ranked by quantity sold is also statistically examined. The results confirm the existence of economies of scale and also show that different crops have different effects on profitability. The results also show that although unambiguously positive, the relationship between quantity sold and profitability may not be linear.
  • Kimihisa Itoh; Tetsuya Matsukawa; Takahiro Deguchi; Momona Yamagami; Norimichi Tomohiro; Kazuya Murata; Shin’ichiro Kajiyama; Yuichi Endo; Hideaki Matsuda; Shigeru Shigeoka
    Journal of Plant Studies Canadian Center of Science and Education 10 (2) 1 - 1 1927-0461 2021/04 [Refereed]
    During the course of Citrus unshiu fruit cultivation, large amounts of plant material including pruned leaves, thinned-out flowers and unripe fruit are obtained; these materials are generally considered unusable and discarded as plant wastes. We have previously attempted to establish an effective use of such plant wastes as beneficial natural resources and found that a methanolic extract of pruned Citrus leaves (CUL-ext) exhibited inhibitory activity against porcine pancreatic lipase. In this study, we sought to identify further the effective uses of C. unshiu plant wastes by determining the lipase inhibitory activity of methanolic extracts of thinning out flowers (CUF-ext) and unripe fruit (CUUF-ext). We accordingly found that the inhibitory activity of CUF-ext was superior to that of CUUF-ext and comparable to that previously observed using CUL-ext. Fractionation of CUF-ext and CUUF-ext, followed by chromatographic analyses, revealed that the pancreatic lipase inhibitory activities of these extracts could be attributed, at least in part, to the flavonoids hesperidin, nobiletin, narirutin and rutin. On the basis of present findings, we propose that, in addition to pruned Citrus leaves, the thinned-out flowers and unripe fruit of C. unshiu are natural resources which are suitable for preparing constituents with lipase inhibitory activity.
  • Yuki Kanda; Ayami Mizuno; Teruaki Takasaki; Ryosuke Satoh; Kanako Hagihara; Takashi Masuko; Yuichi Endo; Genzoh Tanabe; Reiko Sugiura
    Genes to Cells Wiley 26 (2) 109 - 116 1356-9597 2020/11 [Refereed]
    Dual-specificity phosphatase 6 (DUSP6) is a key negative feedback regulator of the member of the RAS-ERK MAPK signaling pathway that is associated with cellular proliferation and differentiation. Deterioration of DUSP6 expression could therefore result in deregulated growth activity. We have previously discovered ACA-28, a novel anticancer compound with a unique property to stimulate ERK phosphorylation and induce apoptosis in ERK-active melanoma cells. However, the mechanism of cancer cell-specific-apoptosis by ACA-28 remains obscure. Here, we investigated the involvement of DUSP6 in the mechanisms of the ACA-28-mediated apoptosis by using the NIH/3T3 cells overexpressing HER2/ErbB2 (A4-15 cells), as A4-15 exhibited higher ERK phosphorylation and are more susceptible to ACA-28 than NIH/3T3. We showed that A4-15 exhibited high DUSP6 protein levels, which require ERK activation. Notably, the silencing of the DUDSP6 gene by siRNA inhibited proliferation and induced apoptosis in A4-15, but not in NIH/3T3, indicating that A4-15 requires high DUSP6 expression for growth. Importantly, ACA-28 preferentially down-regulated the DUSP6 protein and proliferation in A4-15 via the proteasome, while it stimulated ERK phosphorylation. Collectively, the up-regulation of DUSP6 may exert a growth-promoting role in cancer cells overexpressing HER2. DUSP6 down-regulation in ERK-active cancer cells might have the potential as a novel cancer measure.
  • Kouki Okita; Yuta Hara; Hiroshi Okura; Hidemi Hayashi; Yoko Sasaki; Sachiko Masuko; Eri Kitadai; Kazue Masuko; Soshi Yoshimoto; Natsumi Hayashi; Reiko Sugiura; Yuichi Endo; Shogo Okazaki; Sayaka Arai; Toshiaki Yoshioka; Toshiharu Matsumoto; Yasutaka Makino; Hiromitsu Komiyama; Kazuhiro Sakamoto; Takashi Masuko
    Cancer Science Wiley 112 (2) 563 - 574 1347-9032 2020/11 [Refereed]
  • 抗体処理と遺伝子破壊が抗HER family抗体の癌細胞との結合性に及ぼす影響
    沖田 鋼季; 林 菜津美; 吉本 蒼司; 杉浦 麗子; 加藤 和則; 益子 高; 遠藤 雄一
    日本癌学会総会記事 (一社)日本癌学会 79回 PJ12 - 1 0546-0476 2020/10
  • LAT1アミノ酸トランスポーターの癌遺伝子活性と治療標的としての有用性
    林 菜津美; 藤田 健一; 山崎 晶貴; 益子 高; 遠藤 雄一; 杉浦 麗子
    日本癌学会総会記事 (一社)日本癌学会 79回 PJ16 - 7 0546-0476 2020/10
  • 新規ラットモノクローナル抗体のヒト大腸癌に対する抗腫瘍効果
    山崎 晶貴; 富岡 佳久; 林 菜津美; 吉本 蒼司; 杉浦 麗子; 沖田 鋼季; 八木 秀樹; 八木田 秀雄; 益子 高; 遠藤 雄一
    日本癌学会総会記事 (一社)日本癌学会 79回 PJ16 - 6 0546-0476 2020/10
  • Kimihisa Itoh; Tetsuya Matsukawa; Mamoru Okamoto; Kanasa Minami; Norimichi Tomohiro; Kosuke Shimizu; Shin’ichiro Kajiyama; Yuichi Endo; Hideaki Matsuda; Shigeru Shigeoka
    Journal of Plant Studies Canadian Center of Science and Education 9 (2) 39 - 39 1927-0461 2020/06 [Refereed]
    In this study, we aimed to identify the utility of pruned mango (Mangifera indica ‘Irwin’) leaves as a resource for ingredients with antioxidant activity. Firstly, we examined the antioxidant activity of extracts obtained from the pericarps, flesh, flowers, barks, seeds, young dark reddish brown leaves (YDL-ext), young yellow leaves (YYL-ext), and pruned old dark green leaves (OML-ext) obtained from ‘Irwin’ mango. Among them, methanolic extract of flower and OML-ext showed the most potent 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging and superoxide dismutase (SOD)-like activity. The flesh extract showed weak DPPH radical scavenging activity, but did not show SOD-like activity. Secondly, we investigated the relationship between the maturation of leaves and their antioxidant activity by considering the contents of their two active polyphenolic components, 3-C-β-D-glucosyl-2,4,4’,6-tetrahydroxybenzophenone (1) and mangiferin (2), in addition to chlorophyll (3) and anthocyanins represented by cyanidin-3-O-glucoside (4). The DPPH radical scavenging activity of YDL-ext, YYL-ext and OML-ext were mainly attributable to 1, 2 and 3, whereas their SOD-like activity was partly attributable to 2. The DPPH radical scavenging and SOD-like activities of YDL-ext and YYL-ext were attributable to 1 and 2. These activities were also due to anthocyanins whose content is highest in YDL-ext. Considering the amounts of leaves obtained from pruning, old dark green leaves may be a reasonable natural resource for preparing cosmetics and/or supplemental ingredients with health-enhancing properties, antioxidant activity and inhibitory effect on AGEs formation and pancreatic lipase.
  • 抗LAT1モノクローナル抗体が認識する細胞外領域エピトープの解析
    林 菜津美; 藤田 健一; 益子 高; 杉浦 麗子; 遠藤 雄一
    日本細胞生物学会大会講演要旨集 (一社)日本細胞生物学会 72回 6 - 25 2020/06
  • Kimihisa Itoh; Tetsuya Matsukawa; Kanasa Minami; Mamoru Okamoto; Norimichi Tomohiro; Kosuke Shimizu; Shin’ichiro Kajiyama; Yuichi Endo; Hideaki Matsuda; Shigeru Shigeoka
    Journal of Plant Studies Canadian Center of Science and Education 9 (2) 33 - 33 1927-0461 2020/05 [Refereed]
    As a part of our ongoing research to find novel functions in mango leaves, we have reported that the methanolic extract of pruned old dark green mango leaf (Mangifera indica ‘Irwin’) exhibited inhibitory effects on the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in nonenzymatic glycation of albumin. The purpose of this study was to find other mango cultivars with more potent activity in this regard. We examined the inhibitory effect of seventeen mango (Mangifera indica) cultivar leaf extracts on AGEs formation. We also investigated the relationship between the inhibitory activity of the extracts and the contents of their active components, 3-C-β-D-glucosyl-2,4,4’,6-tetrahydroxybenzophenone (1), mangiferin (2) and chlorophyll (3). On the basis of the evaluation of the inhibitory activity of mango cultivar leaf extracts, the HPLC determination of the contents of 1 and 2, and the spectrophotometric determination of 3, it was found that almost all extract showed a significant activity, and the content of 2 and 3 detected in each was similar. In contrast, AGEs formation inhibition tended to be higher as the content of 1 in the leaf extracts increased. This is the first report of phytochemical analysis of compounds 1, 2 and 3 in various cultivars of mango leaf. From the phytochemical point of view, these results suggest that the pruned leaves of any cultivar of Mangifera indica except ‘Chiin Hwang No. 1’ and ‘Kyo Savoy’ may be useful for the preparation of natural ingredients with inhibitory activity of AGEs formation.
  • Kimihisa Itoh; Tetsuya Matsukawa; Kazuya Murata; Ryota Nishitani; Momona Yamagami; Norimichi Tomohiro; Shin'ichiro Kajiyama; Masahiko Fumuro; Morio Iijima; Shigeru Shigeoka; Yuichi Endo; Hideaki Matsuda
    Natural Product Communications SAGE Publications 14 (9) 1 - 5 1934-578X 2019/09 [Refereed]
    In the cultivation of Citrus fruit, pruning in late winter after harvest is important to obtain excellent flower buds in the next spring and a rich harvest of superior fruit in the following winter; a large number of pruned leaves are usually discarded. The purpose of this study was to determine the utility value of pruned leaves of Citrus unshiu. A methanol extract of pruned C. unshiu leaves showed a porcine pancreatic lipase inhibitory activity. Fractionation of C. unshiu leaf extract (CUL-ext) followed by bibliographic and chromatographic analyses revealed that a part of the pancreatic lipase inhibitory activity of CUL-ext was attributable to nobiletin (1), rutin (2), and hesperidin (3). Thus, pruned C. unshiu leaves may be a reasonable natural resource for the preparation of ingredients with lipase inhibitory activity.
  • 山本博章; 表貴之; 多田恵弥; 道上裕太郎; 河野桂子; 中井勝; 白鳥誠; 堀越高宏; 安藤英広; 伊藤紫野; 池戸真吾; 石間慶昭; 遠藤雄一; 岡本巧誠; 久保範洋; 田中啓介; 苫谷駿輝; 野澤佳明; 服部佳之; 平田智枝; 六川将宏; 杉本智潮; 富塚弘之; 竹田智子; 関口道子
    生薬学雑誌 (一社)日本生薬学会 73 (1) 7 - 15 1349-9114 2019/02 [Refereed]
  • 道上裕太郎; 多田恵弥; 山本博章; 表貴之; 中井勝; 堀越高宏; 遠藤雄一; 竹田智子
    医薬品医療機器レギュラトリーサイエンス 49 (1) 56 - 85 1884-6076 2018/01 [Refereed]
  • 野澤佳明; 安藤英広; 三枝弘和; 田中啓介; 六川将宏; 堀越高宏; 池戸真吾; 伊藤紫野; 岡本巧誠; 久保範洋; 白鳥誠; 多田恵弥; 平田智枝; 山田修嗣; 山本博章; 杉本智潮; 遠藤雄一; 富塚弘之
    生薬学雑誌 (一社)日本生薬学会 70 (2) 72 - 78 1349-9114 2016/08 [Refereed]
  • 柳本佳子; 本島多可美; 池戸真吾; 岡本巧誠; 久保範洋; 苫谷駿輝; 平田智枝; 杉本智潮; 遠藤雄一; 富塚弘之
    生薬学雑誌 日本生薬学会 70 (2) 65‐71 - 71 1349-9114 2016/08 [Refereed]
  • 本島多可美; 池戸真吾; 岡本巧誠; 久保範洋; 苫谷駿輝; 平田智枝; 柳本佳子; 杉本智潮; 遠藤雄一; 富塚弘之; 中田裕二; 前田浩子
    生薬学雑誌 日本生薬学会 70 (2) 57 - 64 1349-9114 2016/08 [Refereed]
  • Sakuma Hisako; Yoshida Yoshinori; Niizawa Shin-ichi; Doi Koichi; Shiratori Makoto; Ando Hidehiro; Hashimoto Yoshie; Sugimoto Chishio; Endo Yuichi; Okonogi Akira; Tomitsuka Hiroyuki
    生薬学雑誌 日本生薬学会 68 (2) 53 - 57 1349-9114 2014/08 [Refereed]
    We have developed a simple method using a lateral flow kit for the screening of aflatoxins (AFLs) in Kampo extracts. We selected 7 kinds of Kampo extract, differing in terms of color, pH level, and viscosity, listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia. Since most of the Kampo extract samples were colored, two decolorization pretreatment methods, namely multifunctional column and immunoaffinity column, were used to examine AFL-spiked extracts (each 10 ppb total AFLs). Using the multifunctional column method and the lateral flow kit, the results revealed that visual judgment of two AFL spiked Kampo extracts (Orengedokuto and Daiokanzoto extracts) was not possible. However, by using the immunoaffinity column method together with the lateral flow kit, good visual judgment of all of the spiked Kampo extracts was possible. Thereafter, HPLC analyses were performed for the cleaned-up samples by the immunoaffinity column method. The results showed that most of the recoveries were in the range of 70-110%, except for the two aforementioned Kampo extracts. Since our method, which combines the application of a lateral flow kit and the immunoaffinity column pretreatment method, does not involve the use of advanced equipment like an HPLC instrument, it may be useful for the screening of AFLs in Kampo extracts.
  • Sugimoto Chishio; Endo Yuichi; Tamura Makoto; Ando Hidehiro; Okamoto Kousei; Omote Takayuki; Shiratori Makoto; Niizawa Shinichi; Hattori Yoshiyuki; Hirazawa Satoshi; Matsuura Akira; Maruta Junhei; Miyasaka Daiki; Mutsukawa Masahiro; Murata Katsumasa; Yamada Shuji; Yamamoto Hiroaki; Yoshikawa Shinichi; Okonogi Akira; Tomitsuka Hiroyuki
    生薬学雑誌 日本生薬学会 66 (2) 81 - 90 1349-9114 2012/08 [Refereed]
    The Japan Kampo Medicines Manufacturers Association set up self-imposed limits of residual pesticides for Kampo products (organochlorine, organophosphorus and pyrethroid) and conventional crude drug products(organochlorine) in June 2005, and additional limits on organophosphorus and pyrethroid insecticides in conventional crude drug products were set in June 2006. As reported in previous papers, we have been continuously surveying the actual implementation of these self-regulations of residual pesticides by member companies since 2005, and this report deals with our survey result from August 2009. From April 2008 to March 2009, 82.5% of the member companies implemented pesticide tests on the basis of self-regulation, and at least 13,844 samples were tested (Table 10 and 11). As a result, the implementation rate has improved compared to the previous survey. On the other hand, several pesticides and herbal medicines outside of self-regulations were detected, as shown in Table 13 and 14; however, by comparison of the number of detections and various criteria, no results have indicated an increase in risk level.
  • YOSHIKAWA Shin'ichi; YAMAMOTO Hiroaki; ANDO Hidehiro; SASAKI Hiroshi; SHIMIZU Kesamitsu; SHIRATORI Makoto; SUGIMOTO Chisio; TAMURA Makoto; HAYASHI Katsuhiko; MATSUURA Akira; MURATA Junhei; MIYASAKA Hiroki; MUTSUKAWA Masahiro; MURATA Katsumasa; ENDO Yuichi; OKONOGI Akira; TOMITSUKA Hiroyuki
    防菌防ばい 日本防菌防黴学会 38 (3) 155 - 165 0385-5201 2010/03
  • 杉本智潮; 遠藤雄一; 磯崎隆史; 田村真; 丸田純平; 大橋眞一; 吉川眞一; 小此木明; 清水袈裟光; 佐々木博
    医薬品研究 39 (2) 76 - 82 0287-0894 2008/02 [Refereed]
  • 田村真; 遠藤雄一; 磯崎隆史; 杉本智潮; 丸田純平; 大橋眞一; 吉川眞一; 小此木明; 清水袈裟光; 佐々木博
    医薬品研究 39 (2) 63 - 75 0287-0894 2008/02 [Refereed]
  • Nakamura Rie; Makino Bunsho; Endo Yuichi; Sakakibara Iwao; Terabayashi Susumu; Takeda Shuichi; Sasaki Hiroshi
    The Japanese journal of pharmacognosy 日本生薬学会 60 (2) 59 - 67 1349-9114 2006/08 [Refereed]
    This investigation was carried out to clarify various chemical effects of Gypsum Fibrosum (石膏) on a representative Kampo medicine, makyokansekito (麻杏甘石湯) , prescribing Gypsum. Based on the combination experiments, Gypsum not only increased the content of inorganic ions, it also stabilized pH and lowered turbidity. Furthermore, it influenced the contents of organic constituents, l-ephedrine, d-pseudoephedrine, amygdalin, liquiritin and glycyrrhizin. From the result of the enzymatic experiments, it was found that Gypsum prevents the decrease in the contents of amygdalin and liquiritin due to its suppression of the hydrolytic potency of emulsin.
  • Kinji Tada; Naoki Fujitsuka; Yoshio Kase; Shuichi Takeda; Masaki Aburada; Mii Kobayashi; Bunsho Makino; Yuichi Endo
    Journal of Traditional Medicines 21 (3) 125 - 129 1881-3747 2004 [Refereed]
    The purpose of this study is to clarify the effect of the traditional Japanese medicine Sairei-to (TJ-114) on edema in mice with anti-glomerular basement membrane (GBM) nephritis. Sairei-to (0.38-1.5 g/kg/day) and furosemide (50mg/kg/day) were orally administered consecutively for 4 days from day 6 after an anti-GBM serum injection. Plasma volume (PV) was determined with Evans blue dye and extracellular fluid volume (ECFV) was measured using a single-injection potassium bromide technique. In the nephritic control mice, proteinuria and hyponatreuria were induced and PV, ECFV and calculated interstitial fluid volume (ISFV) were increased. Sairei-to significantly decreased ECFV and ISFV in a dose-dependent manner, but did not change PV or urinary protein excretion. A similar result was observed in the furosemide-treated mice. These results suggest that the treatment with Sairei-to was useful against nephrotic edema. © 2004, Medical and Pharmaceutical Society for WAKAN-YAKU. All rights reserved.
  • N Sekiya; H Goto; Y Shimada; Y Endo; Sakakibara, I; K Terasawa
    PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD 17 (2) 160 - 162 0951-418X 2003/02 [Refereed]
    Hoelen, sclederma of Poria cocos Wolf, has long been used as a sedative and diuretic in traditional medicine. Formerly, we demonstrated that Hoelen in vitro protects red blood cells from AAPH-induced hemolysis. In this study, tests were carried out to identify the main ingredient of Hoelen that has the scavenging effect on free-radicals. Triterpene carboxylic acids isolated from the methanol extract of Hoelen, i.e. pachymic acid, polyporenic acid, 3-epidehydrotumulosic acid, 3beta-hydroxylanosta-7,9(11), 24-trien-21-oic acid and 3-o-acetyl-16 alpha -hydroxytrametenolic acid, were found to have inhibitory activities against AAPH-induced lysis of red blood cells. Copyright (C) 2003 John Wiley Sons, Ltd.
    CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN PHARMACEUTICAL SOC JAPAN 42 (6) 1198 - 1201 0009-2363 1994/06 [Refereed]
    Monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B) inhibitors were isolated from the bark of a Brazilian plant, Himatanthus sucuuba (SPR.). Assignments of the H-1- and C-13-NMR data using two dimensional (2D)-NMR techniques showed the active components to be known lichen depsides, confluentic acid (1) and 2'-O-methylperlatolic acid (2). The depside (1) showed selective inhibition of MAO-B with IC50 value of 0.22 mu M.
    HETEROCYCLES PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 38 (6) 1229 - 1232 0385-5414 1994/06 [Refereed]
    Three cytotoxic 6-substituted 5, 6-dihydro-2H-pyran-2-ones (1 - 3) were isolated from a Brazilian medicinal plant, Chorisia crispiflora. 1 was identified as argentilactone, and the structures of two new compounds (2 and 3) were determined on the basis of the physicochemical properties.
  • Tomihisa Ohta; Yuichi Endo; Rikako Kikuchi; Chizuko Kabuto; Nobuyuki Harada; Shigeo Nozoe
    Tetrahedron 50 (19) 5659 - 5668 0040-4020 1994 [Refereed]
    Three new benzocycloheptenone derivatives, favelol (1), isofavelol (2), and favelone (3), were isolated from the bark of Cnidoscolus phyllacanthus. Their structures were elucidated on the basis of the spectroscopic analysis. Application of the CD exciton chirality method to 4-methoxybenzoates of 1 and 2 led to determination of the R absolute configuration at C-9, which was confirmed by X-ray crystallographic analysis of the 4-bromobenzoyl derivative of 2. © 1994.
    HETEROCYCLES PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 38 (1) 55 - 56 0385-5414 1994/01 [Refereed]
    A new isoprenoid derivative, faveloxide, was isolated from the bark of Cnidoscolus phyllacanthus. The relative stereostructure (1) was determined on the basis of a spectroscopic analysis and a chemical transformation.
    TETRAHEDRON LETTERS PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 33 (3) 353 - 356 0040-4039 1992/01 [Refereed]
    A novel tetracyclic cyclobutene derivative, neofavelanone, was isolated from the bark of Cnidoscolus phyllacanthus. The structure (1) was determined on the basis of the spectroscopic analysis.
    TETRAHEDRON LETTERS PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 32 (40) 5555 - 5558 0040-4039 1991/09 [Refereed]
    A novel tetracyclic cyclopropane derivative, favelanone (1), having cytotoxic activities, was isolated from the bark of Cnidoscolus phyllacanthus and the structure was elucidated on the basis of its spectroscopic data.
    TETRAHEDRON LETTERS PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 32 (26) 3083 - 3086 0040-4039 1991/06 [Refereed]
    Novel cytotoxic benzocycloheptene derivatives, faveline methyl ether (1), faveline (2), and deoxofaveline (3), have been isolated from the bark of Cnidoscolus phyllacanthus. Those structures were determined on the basis of spectroscopic analysis.

Conference Activities & Talks

  • 緒方洪庵著「適々斎薬室膠柱方」の写本間比較とその意義・特徴
    髙浦(島田)佳代子; 髙橋京子; 遠藤雄一
    日本薬史学会2023年会  2023/10
  • 麻黄附子細辛湯懸濁時に生じる分散系の評価 ―主要成分含有量の分布とその小腸膜透過性―
    吉富丈治; 出口粧央里; 大竹祐子; 遠藤雄一; 小竹 武; 長井紀章
    第73 回日本薬学会関西支部総会・大会  2023/10
  • オオモンツチバチ毒液中に含有する新規ペプチド成分のアミノ酸配列解析
    村井亮祐; 村田和也; 遠藤雄一
    第73 回日本薬学会関西支部総会・大会  2023/10
  • 当帰の香気成分プロファイルの産地特性に関する研究
    盛 大翔; 髙浦佳代子; 佐藤希美; 福田浩三; 遠藤雄一
    第73 回日本薬学会関西支部総会・大会  2023/10
  • 漢⽅処⽅における⽣薬配合意義の化学的解明(1):多変量解析による⿇⻩湯配合⽣薬の相互作⽤検証
    YAN SHIYUAN; 深川昌美; 和田佑哉; 髙浦佳代子; 遠藤雄一
    第40回和漢医薬学会学術大会  2023/08
  • ハッサク未熟果実の抽出加工が併用投与によるラット血漿中L-ascorbic acid濃度に及ぼす影響における比較検討
    石田裕美; 出口貴浩; 森澤義人; 遠藤雄一
    日本薬学会第143年会  2023/03
  • 柿蒂の国産化を志向した品質評価研究:希エタノールエキスおよびポリフェノール含量の品種間比較
    籔唯斗; 髙浦佳代子; 大野莉穂; 蓮尾美月; 石田裕美; 遠藤雄一
    日本薬学会第143年会  2023/03
  • モモ(Prunus persica)のチロシナーゼ阻害作用に関する研究
    村田和也; 鈴木智巳; 宮本明音; 堀本実希; 南光涼那; 森大輔; 金丸博; 遠藤雄一
    日本薬学会第143年会  2023/03
  • 芍薬甘草湯エキス顆粒懸濁時に生じる各分散体の評価と品質管理への応用
    吉富 丈治; 出口 粧央里; 東 尚希; 稲葉 一訓; 大竹 裕子; 遠藤 雄一; 小竹 武; 長井 紀章
    第72回日本薬学会関西支部総会・大会  2022/10
  • ハッサク未熟果実粉末の併用投与によるラット血中L-ascorbic acid濃度に及ぼす影響
    石田裕美; 出口貴浩; 森澤義人; 遠藤雄一
    第72回日本薬学会関西支部総会・大会  2022/10
  • 香気成分プロファイルによる芍薬の品種鑑別
    佐藤希美; 髙浦佳代子; 前川歩; 松村晋一; 福田浩三; 矢野孝喜; 川嶋浩樹; 髙橋京子; 遠藤雄一
    日本生薬学会第68回年会  2022/09
  • 芍薬甘草湯エキス顆粒における粗大・コロイド・分子分散体の同定とその消化管吸収性の評価
    吉富丈治; 大竹裕子; 遠藤雄一; 小竹武; 長井紀章
    日本薬学会第142年会  2022/03
  • フラボノイドとL-ascorbic acid併用によるラジカル捕捉作用の相乗効果
    出口貴浩; 井崎隆斗; 石田裕美; 西本実央; 森澤義人; 遠藤雄一
    日本薬学会第142年会  2022/03
  • ハッサク未熟果実の同時投与によるラット血中L-ascorbic acid濃度に及ぼす影響に関する研究
    石田裕美; 出口貴浩; 井崎隆斗; 西本実央; 森澤義人; 遠藤雄一
    日本薬学会第142年会  2022/03
  • フタモンアシナガバチ毒液由来新規ペプチドPCA-3のアミノ酸配列解析および生理活性について
    村田和也; 山口あずさ; 中原明穂; 道田有香; 遠藤雄一
    日本薬学会第142年会  2022/03
  • 柿蒂の国産化を志向した品質評価研究:蛍光指紋による最適品種・加工法の検討
    髙浦 佳代子; 籔 唯斗; 大野 莉穂; 石田 裕美; 後藤 一寿; 髙橋 京子; 遠藤 雄一
    日本薬学会第142年会  2022/03
  • Identification of contents of solitary wasp venoms
    Kazuya Murata; Kazuma Ikeguchi; Satoki Kashiuchi; Ryo Furukawa; Yuka Michida; Akiho Nakahara; Azusa Yamaguchi; Remi Tanaka; Yuta Kageyama; Yuichi Endo
    The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies 2021 (Pacifichem 2021)  2021/12
  • ダバナ(Artemisia pallens)精油の機能性に関する研究 ―コリンエステラーゼ阻害作用活性成分の探索―
    川本宏和; 松岡幹也; 吉岡百合; 井村遥; 松村晋一; 竹下文章; 遠藤雄一
    第65回香料・テルペンおよび精油化学に関する討論会  2021/10
  • 芍薬甘草湯抽出液からの粗大、コロイド、分子分散体単離と各主薬含有量比の測定
    吉富丈治; 出口粧央里; 東 尚希; 遠藤雄一; 長井紀章
    第71回日本薬学会関西支部大会  2021/10
  • セグロアシナガバチ毒液中の新規ペプチド成分の探索
    村田和也; 池口和真; 樫内聡樹; 古川 稜; 道田有香; 遠藤雄一
    第71回日本薬学会関西支部大会  2021/10
  • ハッサク未熟果実とL-ascorbic acid の併用効果に関する研究 ―抗酸化作用における相乗効果についての評価―
    石田裕美; 出口貴浩; 井崎隆斗; 西本実央; 森澤義人; 遠藤雄一
    第71回日本薬学会関西支部大会  2021/10
  • Enhanced binding affinity and growth inhibitory effects of anti- HER3 mAb in the presence of HER1- or HER2-targeted drugs
    Kouki Okita; Reiko Sugiura; Akitaka Yamasaki; Kazunori Kato; Yuichi Endo; Takashi Masuko
    第80回日本癌学会学術総会  2021/10
  • Evaluation of mAbs which decompose targeted molecules, towards bispecific antibody-based cancer therapy
    Akitaka Yamasaki; Kento Nishida; Kouki Okita; Toshiyuki Ishiwata; Yuichi Endo; Yoshihisa Tomioka; Takashi Masuko
    第80回日本癌学会学術総会  2021/10
  • The utilization of inedible parts of persimmon: persimmon calyx for specific medicine of hiccups
    K. Takaura; A. Momoi; M. Hasuo; Y. Ishida; Y. Yamamoto; K. Tochimoto; K. Goto; H. Kakuto; D. Yamaoka; K. Takahashi; Y. Endo
    7th International Symposium on Persimmon  2021/09
  • 独居性カリバチ毒液中に含有するペプチド成分の 構造解析
    村田和也; 遠藤雄一
    日本生薬学会第67回年会  2021/09
  • カリバチ毒液中に含有する神経伝達物質の同定と生理活性
    村田 和也; 中原 明穂; 山口 あずさ; 遠藤 雄一
    日本薬学会第141年会  2021/03
  • 吃逆治療薬「柿蒂」の国産化:医療ニーズに即した生産体制の構築と課題
    髙浦(島田) 佳代子; 髙橋 京子; 善利 佑記; 遠藤 雄一; 山本 豊; 栃本 久美子; 角藤 裕; 山岡 傳一郎; 後藤 一寿
    日本薬学会第141年会  2021/03
  • 漢方製剤の懸濁液における性状評価:芍薬甘草湯抽出液中の沈殿物、超微粒子、溶液中に含まれるペオニフロリン含有量比の比較
    吉富 丈治; 出口 粧央里; 稲葉 一訓; 大竹 裕子; 遠藤 雄一; 小竹 武; 長井 紀章
    日本薬学会第141年会  2021/03
  • Inhibitory effects of essential oil from Artemisia pallens against beta-secretase and cholinesterases.
    Hirokazu Kawamoto, Yuri Yoshioka, Haruka Imura, Mikiya Matsuoka, Shinichi Matsumura, Fumiaki Takeshita, Yuichi Endo
    The 64th Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential Oils and Aromatics  2020/10
  • カリバチ毒液中に含まれる神経伝達物質の分析
    中原明穂; 山口あずさ; 村田和也; 遠藤雄一
    第70回日本薬学会関西支部大会  2020/10
  • Anti-tumor effects of novel rat monoclonal antibodies on human colorectal cancers
    Akitaka Yamazaki; Yoshihisa Tomioka; Natsumi Hayashi; Soshi Yoshimoto; Reiko Sugiura; Kouki Okita; Hideki Yagi; Hideo Yagita; Takashi Masuko; Yuichi Endo
    The 79th annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association  2020/10
  • Oncogenicity of LAT1 amino acid transporter and its potential as an anti-cancer target
    Natsumi Hayashi; Kenichi Hujita; Akitaka Yamazaki; Takashi Masuko; Yuichi Endo; Reiko Sugiura
    The 79th annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association  2020/10
  • Reactivity of novel rat mAbs with human pancreatic cancer tissues and anti-tumor effects on pancreatic cancer cells
    Soshi Yoshimoto; Natsumi Hayashi; Kouki Okita; Hideki Yagi; Toshiyuki Ishiwata; Takashi Masuko; Yuichi Endo; Reiko Sugiura
    The 79th annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association  2020/10
  • Effects of mAb trareatment and gene discruption on the binding of anti-HER family mAbs against cancer cells
    Kouki Okita; Natsumi Hayashi; Soshi Yoshimoto; Reiko Sugiura; Kazunori Kato; Takashi Masuko; Yuichi Endo
    The 79th annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association  2020/10
  • 国産柿蔕市場品の生産研究:安定供給に向けた実践モデルの検討
    善利 佑記、髙橋 京子、髙浦 佳代子、遠藤 雄一、後藤 一寿
    日本薬学会第140年会  2020/03
  • ダバナ(Artemisia pallens)精油のコリンエステラーゼ阻害作用について
    吉岡 百合、川本 宏和、松岡 幹也、井村 遥、南 久美子、牧野 祥平、須見 友子、松村 晋一、遠藤 雄一
    日本薬学会第140年会  2020/03
  • アシナガバチ毒液成分の構造解析
    村田 和也、池口 和真、樫内 聡樹、古川 稜、道田 有香、遠藤 雄一
    日本薬学会第140年会  2020/03
  • 丹参エキスのβ–セクレターゼ阻害作用成分に関する研究
    日本生薬学会第66回年会  2019/09
  • Panax属植物エッセンシャルオイルの機能性に関する研究―Amyloid β凝集阻害および凝集物解離作用―
    日本生薬学会第66年会  2019/09
  • 山本博章; 白鳥誠; 多田恵弥; 表貴之; 安藤英広; 伊藤紫野; 池戸真吾; 石間慶昭; 岡本功誠; 久保範洋; 田中啓介; 苫谷駿輝; 野澤佳明; 服部佳之; 平田智枝; 六川将宏; 遠藤雄一; 杉本智潮; 富塚弘之; 竹田智子; 関口道子; 袴塚高志; 合田幸広
    日本防菌防黴学会年次大会要旨集  2014/09
  • 白鳥誠; 山本博章; 多田恵弥; 表貴之; 安藤英広; 伊藤紫野; 池戸真吾; 石間慶昭; 岡本功誠; 久保範洋; 田中啓介; 苫谷駿輝; 野澤佳明; 服部佳之; 平田智枝; 六川将宏; 遠藤雄一; 杉本智潮; 富塚弘之; 竹田智子; 関口道子; 袴塚高志; 合田幸広
    日本防菌防黴学会年次大会要旨集  2014/09
  • 表貴之; 白鳥誠; 多田恵弥; 山本博章; 安藤英広; 伊藤紫野; 池戸真吾; 石間慶昭; 岡本功誠; 久保範洋; 田中啓介; 苫谷駿輝; 野澤佳明; 服部佳之; 平田智枝; 六川将宏; 遠藤雄一; 杉本智潮; 富塚弘之; 竹田智子; 関口道子; 袴塚高志; 合田幸広
    日本防菌防黴学会年次大会要旨集  2014/09
  • 多田恵弥; 岩田剛; 表貴之; 土居功一; 李哲成; 山本博章; 白鳥誠; 安藤英広; 岡本巧誠; 田中啓介; 新澤伸一; 野澤佳明; 服部佳之; 平田智枝; 六川将宏; 山田修嗣; 遠藤雄一; 杉本智潮; 富塚弘之
    日本防菌防黴学会年次大会要旨集  2013/09
  • 佐久間久子; 吉田慶則; 新澤伸一; 土居功一; 白鳥誠; 安藤英広; 橋本佳江; 杉本智潮; 遠藤雄一; 小此木明; 富塚弘之
    生薬分析シンポジウム講演要旨  2012/11
  • 山本博章; 山崎裕子; 山本京子; 遠藤雄一; 石間慶昭
    日本防菌防ばい学会年次大会要旨集  2012/09
  • 豊嶋貴弘; 木戸亮子; 遠藤雄一; 新津和明; 竹田秀一
    農薬残留分析研究会講演要旨集  2008/11
  • 豊嶋貴弘; 木戸亮子; 有賀誠; 吉村宏昭; 遠藤雄一; 新津和明; 竹田秀一
    日本食品衛生学会学術講演会講演要旨集  2008/04
    Yuichi Endo; Takashi Naito; Koh Sugama; Naoko Miura; Shigeki Takashima; Masami Higuchi; Masao Maruno; Yukinobu Ikeya; Masayoshi Kubo; Yasuhiro Komatsu; Minoru Okada; Masanori Baba; Tetsuro Ikegawa
    International Symposium on Natural Medicines  2007/10
  • 清水袈裟光; 磯崎隆史; 遠藤雄一; 大橋眞一; 杉本智潮; 田村真; 林三千夫; 丸田純平; 村田勝優; 吉川眞一
    日本防菌防ばい学会年次大会要旨集  2006/05
  • 中村理恵; 牧野文昌; 中井洋一郎; 矢野耕也; 遠藤雄一; 榊原巖; 寺林進; 竹田秀一; 佐々木博
    日本生薬学会年会講演要旨集  2005/08
  • 大原朋子; 牧野文昌; 近藤健児; 山路弘樹; 遠藤雄一; 榊原巌; 寺林進; 油田正樹
    日本生薬学会年会講演要旨集  2004/08
  • 小林みい; 牧野文昌; 遠藤雄一; 榊原巌; 樋口正視; 佐々木博
    第18回和漢医薬学会大会  2001/08
  • 遠藤雄一; 池田孔己; 榊原巌; 山本雅浩; 樋口正視; 佐々木博
    第18回和漢医薬学会大会  2001/08
  • 太田富久; 遠藤雄一; 野副重男
    日本薬学会年会要旨集  1994/03
  • 野副重男; 菊池理佳子; 遠藤雄一; 太田富久
    日本薬学会年会要旨集  1993/03
  • 遠藤雄一; 太田富久; 野副重男
    天然有機化合物討論会講演要旨集  1991/09


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